Introducing the My Choice Plan


Hi @lewisa,

Thanks for joining the conversation and for being a long-time member of Republic Wireless.

Republic Wireless hasn’t gone public, and My Choice is a more flexible, less-expensive plan than the Clear Choice plans we’ve been offering for the last 18 months. We recognize that we have members on our Refund plan who are still enjoying a great value on their legacy phones, and we’re not moving the Refund plan accounts to My Choice.

What we’re doing is bringing our Clear Choice members some of the same value our refund members have been enjoying for all these years - the flexiblity to purchase data as a one-time purchase.

So we aren’t taking away the value you’re enjoying, and we’re improving our plan over what it was, for those on our newer phones. I’m struggling to understand why you think this means we want to start “screwing” our members.


I don’t consider myself (one on the refund plan) to be getting “screwed”, but simply left behind. I do think the My Choice plans are a good improvement to the Clear Choice plans. I think one of the biggest issues with all of those on the refund plans is, we would like to upgrade our 3 year old phones that are starting to not hold a charge or not work half of the time. The only way we can do this is to switch to the new plans, which will cost us more. So you may not be intentionally or directly eliminating the refund plans, but you really are by the fact you no longer offer new phones that support the plans.


I’ve been with Republic since the Beta Defy program. I’m currently on a refund plan with a MotoE 2nd gen. About fifty percent of the time I leave my phone at home. And I’m on VoIP upwards of ninety-nine percent of the time, using almost no over air data per month. I was considering a new phone sometime next year, but not now. Going to milk the Moto until it dies now. The My Choice Plan would be a horrible choice for me.


I’ve been a customer since the 'sign up for a ‘wave’ days. So happy to have a Smart Phone I could afford and a plan I could afford. Rarely used much data so even happier to have a refund on each months bill. Finally got my son his own Smart Phone and still used very little data (after explaining to him about how to be sure he’s on wifi most of the time) and so happy with the refund on unused data.
So my last MotoX got to the point of needing to be charged 2 times a day and instead of buying another of the same I got the Moto Z Play (mostly because of the battery) and had to have the Clear Choice plan BUT I still rarely use much data (although at times I just say heck with it and use it anyway).
Son still has upgraded ‘legacy’ phone(Moto G3) so we still get a refund on his phone. But pretty soon he’ll need a new phone, battery not lasting as long anymore and phone slowing down, and we’ll be force into the Clear/MY Choice plan. Not a happy ‘original’ camper!
Is there no way Republic can come up with a plan to still ‘reward’ low data users like the original Republic idea?
What is ‘The Market’ anyway? Isn’t that your customers??? If ‘The Market’ is your customers how about listening to us and find a way to reward low data users ???
‘My Choice’ plan would be to refund for data not used…or maybe having a lower price that included .33 or .50 g data???


I’m not taking issue with anything you’ve said, however, the market is both current customers and prospective new customers. A company that markets only to its installed base is doomed to eventually fail. Companies grow or die.



A bit earlier in this thread I made a reply attempting to convey refunds would have less value for members now that data prices are so low and flexible, The elimination of refunds has resulted little if any plan cost increase.

Will you please explain why the plan talk/text base needed to increase to $!5. Getting out of the phone/ROM end resulting in less work and expense would normally equate to cost savings for a company. Adding another carrier/network shouldn’t have significantly increased RW’s cost sans a period of startup expenses. 50% increase?

Losing the $10 Refund plan base text data and increasing to $15 is where the majority of the price increase came from. That’s what has caused the majority of complaints, suggestions and discussion.


It would be awesome if those of us at the bottom of the data spectrum could get a .5gb plan and those who don’t use data could get a reduction. May be a $12 plan for the current no data plan and a $17 plan for those of us who need just a little bit of data. Seems like a reasonable compromise for people needing to leave the Refund plan due to our phones reaching the end of their usefulness


Hi @elaterite,

You were considering a new phone on our Clear Choice Plans. Please help me understand what you see in My Choice that has made you reconsider.


I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the really bad bugs were dealt with ([…] rebooting taking an hour, […]).

the old Moto X had a firmware glitch wherein if you reboot the phone while USB is plugged in, it purges and rebuilds the dalvik cache on boot (dalvik cache: there is a cache entry for every app, whether built in or installed by the user. it is created by the phone, generally when the app is installed. davlik cache is designed to optimize the app performance for your particular device). if this is happening you’ll see the message “optimizing application XXX of YYY”.

if rebooting takes a LONG time, please be sure that USB is not connected when rebooting. by removing the USB cable you can avoid this firmware glitch.


I don’t get the huge controversy, if you are not happy with the new plans, move on. There must be 50+ cell companies that would love your business.


This month’s bill was $10.78. My monthly bill runs from between $9.50-$12.00.


Hi @elaterite, I understand the difference between your current bill and what the My Choice plans are. That’s not what I was asking.

This is what I’m asking about:

The part I don’t understand is why you would have upgraded to the Clear Choice plan, but will not upgrade to My Choice. My Choice is an improvement over what we’ve offered since July 2016.


Will you please explain why the plan talk/text base needed to increase to $15. Getting out of the phone/ROM end resulting in less work and expense would normally equate to cost savings for a company. Adding another carrier/network shouldn’t have significantly increased RW’s cost sans a period of startup expenses. 50% increase?

I will try but many things are not open for discussion. A combination of loss of technical controls and working across multiple carriers made the $10 price point impossible to sustain (as in not able to be done). There are many other factors but all of those together did not leave any optionality on this (as in none). $15 for unlimited talk and text over WiFi, cellular, and roaming with unlimited MMS is a great deal.


Oh, so I wouldn’t be able to have kept my old plan had this change not been made? I never looked into it.

Whatever the case, you should allow for people like me, who came in early and never abused the unlimited data Defy plans, to have a low cost option. I’m almost entirely on wifi all of the time. (I leave my phone at home quite often.) The only time I’m using cell towers is when I travel, and it’s rare that I’m in an area with service given I travel mostly in central Nevada and southern Utah.


Republic continues to have some of the lowest cost options in the business. And if you’re an original beta customer, they’re even lower cost.

$13.50 for unlimited talk/text + $4.50/GB for beta customers is pretty darned hard to beat.


Do we get a beta discount for data added during during our billing cycle or just when part of selected monthly plan?


This doesn’t look like a simple price reduction to me. To me this looks like a major systems change for them, requiring a lot of sweat. You don’t do something like that just two weeks before Xmas unless you’ve run into a major problem (like sales are far short of expectations). Read what they say at the top of this page:

“Account Migration - As we migrate our Clear Choice subscribers to My Choice December 12th and 13th, our support team will be unable to manually make account changes through our back-end account management tools. Account and service-line changes requested by support ticket may experience delays during this migration period.”

Does that sound like a simple price reduction to you?

Looking through my rose colored glasses, I’m betting they will survive this. Small companies with bright employees can be very nimble in challenging markets.



The real world doesn’t slow to a crawl a month prior to Christmas. RW crew was still sober enough to complete their mission and have plenty of time to enjoy the upcoming holidays.


So, if the $10 price point and refund plans are impossible to sustain, one has to ask how long until we can’t even keep them with our old phones? It seems there are many who continue to stay on these plans, because they are a great deal and offer exactly what those on them need. I seem to think sustainability is only half of it and the other half seems to be the majority of people want the latest and greatest phones, more choices of them and quicker releases. If the refund plan requires the custom builds as it has been stated then it simply becomes much more difficult and costly to offer much more than a handful of phones. Again, for those of us sticking to the refund plan the limited choice of phones isn’t really an issue, but now we have a choice of zero new phones and our old ones will only last so long. Would it be that difficult to offer a couple of new phones for all of these loyal customers that helped make Republic into what it is today? I like many have been holding out for some time in hopes I could upgrade my phone and keep my current plan. Is it possible to just be straight up with us and tell us that is never going to happen and it will more than likely be within the next (insert time in months here) that the old plans will completely be phased out. Wouldn’t it be better just to lose all of us now so you don’t continue to lose money offering us old plans that are not sustainable? That might even make some of us decide to just jump to the new plan now, knowing we only have a small amount of time left to keep saving like we have been.