Introducing the My Choice Plan


Hi @jasonk.8mqiz6,

Sustainability has to do with growing, not just with breaking even with the current base. When Sean says it wasn’t sustainable, that’s not the equivalent of saying we want to do away with the grandfathered plans.

We will not be adding any new phones that will support the existing 2.0 Refund plans. We have never meant to lead you on by leaving you thinking that we would do so. Your current plan is grandfathered to our 2.0 phones. You can replace the phone with another 2.0 phone, but if you upgrade to a 3.0 phone, the plan must change to My Choice.

There is currently no date on the calendar for phasing out the grandfathered plans. We continue to support the grandfathered DEFY XT’s $19 plan until the phone is deactivated, and the 1.0 and 2.0 service lines until they are upgraded to a 3.0 phone.


Maybe I did not state it clearly. It does not work on new phones. The old phones are fine.

Prohibitively so.

We have always been clear on this. The plans are what they are, we may tweak them. This change is a net positive over our current plans. Which are some of the best value plans available.


Thanks for the reply, but it still seems confusing that these plans are stated as not being sustainable (which many interpret to mean not being profitable) but they continue to be grandfathered in. If they are not sustainable why would Republic not just eliminate them all together? It’s not that I’m wanting you to eliminate them, but grandfathering them forever and not really supporting them with new phones doesn’t seem to make the most sense. I’m a partner in a business, so I know behind the scenes it’s not at always that black and white. I can accept leaving it at that because I really have no clue what your business model looks like. Thanks again for the response, it seems at this point I have some more research to do and in the near future a decision to make about staying with Republic or switching to another carrier.


Not sustainable means we can’t keep doing it that way if we hope to survive as a company.

We could not keep offering phones with our ROM built into them, releasing only 2-3 a year, working with a single manufacturer, and using a process that limited the phones to maybe no more than 1 update if we hoped to survive.


Assumptions aren’t facts.

Also, last December I got the 6 months of free service deal that started in January of this year. Prior to Republic Wireless offering 6 months of free service, I hadn’t heard of any other carrier doing it. That was a pretty big deal for RW to do that this past December.

When I first heard of RW’s 6 months of free service offer, did I think they were running into major problems because the offer was so close to Christmas? No.

Because RW just introduced a new plan that will save many people money, do I believe they are running into a major crisis because it was offered so close to Christmas? No.


That’s basically what I thought would happen.

Unfortunately, as I read some comments, it seems that the perceived value of Republic Wireless revolves only around how much money one doesn’t spend while using this service, but to me, Republic Wireless is more valuable than that. In addition to enjoying saving a lot of money with Republic Wireless, I also am very appreciative of many of Republic Wireless’ technological advances, and I know there is a cost associated with innovation. I pay my pittance of around $23.50, knowing that my overall total experience with RW is worth more than that. For example, I’m getting more and used to using Republic Anywhere, and I will seriously miss that feature if I ever leave.

Some people want to keep the refund plan and have new phones as well. As @southpaw explained above, both can’t happen. It seems that customers readily see the value as it applies to their wallet but don’t value the continual innovation necessary to keep them saving money with Republic Wireless.


OK, I can understand why your old ROM strategy may have been hard to sustain, but why can’t you continue to offer the refund plans that so many people on this message board say they like so much? Measuring data usage can’t be tied only to your old ROM strategy, or else you (and every other carrier) wouldn’t be able to sell buckets of metered data with your current plans. If you’re not making money with those old refund plans, just tell us, and we’ll understand.


I already said it was tied to the ROM. Capping and usage plans are very different.


Hi @oj1,

We have explained it.

Despite the fact that people typically liked it once they tried it, we had trouble getting people to try the Refund plan. See:

The technical obstacles preventing the refund plan from being feasible when we aren’t in the ROM are described here:

When we launched Clear Choice plans and 3.0 phones, we went over it again:


The new plan with $5 per gig is a good deal. However, i never come close to using that much data. I only have it to receive emails and occasionally use gps for travel. Have you ever considered including a small amount of data on the $15 dollar plan? 200mb or so. It could even be 3g or 2g. That would be all the data i need.


Totally agree with the different carriers for different uses. I have personally stayed with Republic Wireless for the WiFi Calling… I can get by on limited data but did like my test run with MintSIM - except for the lack of WiFi calling support on most devices.

  • My wife is on MintSIM because she doesn’t want to think about data usage.
  • Parents on Republic WIreless - love service and price (use next to no data).
  • I’ve moved several low data use friends to Republic
  • In-laws had to go Cricket because they are a bit more rural + ATT coverage works better + they also need international calling options.

Ultimately - customer service and WiFi calling are my biggest incentives. I would love to see options for slightly cheaper data (similar to MintSIM bulk buying).



It looks like I’m getting two very different stories from two different RW reps regarding why RW won’t go back to the old refund plans. Most of the RW refund customers on this forum want to keep their refund plans, but you’re telling us you can’t support refund plans with your new phones because metering was tied to your old ROM strategy. Anybody can clearly see that you are currently selling metered data with your current phones and plans. Some carriers also don’t seem to have a problem metering data for the purpose of rolling over monthly unused data. That old excuse that you can’t meter data on your new phones without a presence in the ROM doesn’t work, and your refund customers deserve a straight story.


I honestly don’t know why Republic tried to explain at all. When they do, people call them liars, tell them they know their business better than they do, and try to make 20 people in a thread in to something more than 20 people in a thread.


Knowing that, you can now decide if you want to remain a customer.

We’re customers. Not owners. Not Executives. They owe us exactly NO explanation. Whether it is because of the ROM issue or because they weren’t selling enough or they were losing money or because their alien overlord told them to stop offering the plan, it doesn’t matter. Not one bit. And they certainly don’t owe their customers an explanation as to why they’ve made business decisions.



Does a sinister motive have to be planted on Republic Wireless because a plan with unlimited talk, text, and some data costs more than $17.50?

Would you really be implying that Republic Wireless is being untruthful if you got a plan with unlimited talk, text, and some data that was $17.50/mo or less?

Like I said before, I like the price point of the refund plan, but there is no way that I’m going to call Republic Wireless out as being untruthful because I don’t get to have a plan with unlimited talk, text, and some data for $17.50/mo.

I personally have chosen to believe that what people say is true until I have reason to believe otherwise. If I stay with Republic Wireless at least until February, I will have been with them for 3 years; during that time–and the one year previous that I spent researching this company–I’ve seen no evidence that Republic Wireless is lying. On the contrary, I’ve found this company to be very transparent, ready to listen, honest about their shortcomings, and willing to make things right as best they can.


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Activated phone suddenly not supported

For whatever its worth, I actually read all of the 3 articles that @southpaw posted about the refund plans. I think I had at least skim read them before, but I actually really read them this time. Though @southpaw didn’t directly write to me, I gained the benefit of knowing more about how RW makes decisions and their history of innovation. So, I would say, all is not in vain when Republic Wireless writes their explanations. I know I’m not the only one that gets a benefit from them even though I might have not asked a question or even activity participated in the discussion.


I would probably accept the RW lady’s explanation that not enough customers signed up for the refund plans to continue selling them, but I think there is much more to the story than that. The RW gentleman’s alternative explanation that they can no longer support refund plans without a presence in the phone’s ROM insults my intelligence, for all the reasons I previously stated. I do however agree with you, that for whatever reason, RW has clearly decided they’re not going back to the refund plans. Aside from making your voice heard here on this message board, there is nothing customers can do about it. That’s very sad, because as you implied, existing refund customers will eventually have to decide for themselves whether to buy into the new RW plan/phones, or shop elsewhere.

I think I’ve clearly made my concerns known, so I’ll go away now. Thank you RW for giving us this message board to vent our concerns.


Here’s a plan I suspect would serve RW well and also work well for minimal data consumers like me. Offer an unlimited talk and 0.5GB/mo data plan for $13.60, with option to add additional gigabytes if and when needed. Pricing for additional gigabytes would be $6 for the first, then $5/GB for any beyond the first. And, include the option to buy a new phone when needed.

In suggesting this, I assume RW makes a reasonable profit on each phone it sells and from refund plan users who rarely exceed a $13.60 (approximate) monthly charge. If not, please explain. I don’t expect and don’t want RW to operate unprofitably and wind up selling out to another company or going out of business. I also don’t want to pay $20/month for data way beyond my need or else be trapped with an older phone. I think my suggestion above could be a mutually workable compromise, and if the $13.60 minimum charge is the sticking point, please state that, along with what you need to make. Since you’re grandfathering the refund plan, I assume it’s more than $13.60 and less than $20.


It is not an alternative explanation, it is an also. I cannot teach MVNO 101 to you, but refund and calling/metering is not the same thing. I do not want to insult your intelligence but this is a lot more complicated than you are thinking. I understand you do not believe us, but that is something I cannot affect.


My family has four phones on the Refund plan and between the four of us we’ve never used more than 20 cents worth of data in a month. I like having data available in emergencies, so the Refund plan has served us well. Cheaper data rates are nice, but they won’t entice us to leave the Refund plan. No matter how you spin it, we’ll be forced into a more expensive option when we replace phones. Since there’s no family plan, we’ll likely leave Republic one by one as each phone dies – unless, of course, we find another carrier that beats our current Refund plan, in which case we’ll leave en masse. Either way, unless Republic addresses the needs of us data sippers it appears our days with Republic are numbered.