Introducing the My Choice Plan


When I read comments like this, I wonder where are people going to go to get a better deal? As one user pointed out, deals include prices as well as what the company offers with that price.

I’m no stranger to leaving phone companies, but I honestly have expected that more customers see the value in the Republic Wireless’ service. If I ever leave Republic Wireless, I will leave happy that this company has saved me so much money.


Yes I still miss my old Moto phone and the refund plan. I might be wrong but I think people are not considering something as compared to competitors. If I am correct, you do not use chargeable data when connected to wireless. In searching the net, from what I see the other competitors are always charging you for data whether connected to wireless or not. Do the other competitors automatically switch over from cell to wireless and not charge you for data?


Which really means you’ve never used data. I find it hard to believe that if you used no more than 20 cents worth of data (no more than 14MB which is enough for, well almost nothing), that you couldn’t use 0.


Why would you assume this? The new plan, on which Republic presumably makes a reasonable profit is $15 for talk/text alone. Why would you think that reducing the cost and adding data would continue to allow for a reasonable profit?


I occasionally turn on data if I need to find cheap fuel while I’m away from wifi. Twenty cents is about 13 MB of data at the $7.50/500 MB rate we pay on the Refund plan. In my first message I forgot that we had a few months of data charges under $2 before we convinced everyone to turn off data whenever possible!


I’m afraid that such use cases don’t make for much of a business case for a company. Engineering a solution so that customer can choose to use sub-$5 of data a year is a pretty hard business case to make.


I’m not sure where I’m going to get a better deal, but at Republic’s current trajectory I suspect they’ll have plenty of competition by the time I need to go shopping. I too am pleased with the cheap plans we’ve had (although it hasn’t been trouble-free), but it appears all my options at Republic in the future will be more expensive.


If no one can provide less than 1 GB of data per year at cheap prices, I’ll have to live with that, but I’ll certainly keep my Refund plan as long as I can!


There are absolutely other carriers that are slightly better price (but I would argue not value) depending on what you need. If you don’t need wifi calling, that opens the door to a couple of carriers, if you don’t need unlimited calling/texting that opens the door, if you’re willing to pay for 6 or 12 months in advance, that expands the choice, if you can live with native Sprint only (no roaming) some other options appear, etc etc.

As an idea of costs, the only other “refund” player in the market is Fi. They have very limited phone selection and their talk/text plan starts at $20 and data is then $10GB over that. So no data is as expensive as Republic’s 1GB plan.

People tend to forget what they get with Republic. Unlimited Calling/Texting, robust wifi calling, call/text roaming, MMS that does not count against your data and be used on a no data plan, Republic Anywhere… These are all highly uncommon in the “cheap” plan space.

Other major players, including Cricket, MetroPCS and T-Mobile have unlimited talk/text at $25 with no data and often no MMS at all.


If you ever do switch, please let me know where you go. I’m not saying I’ll follow you to that company, but I want to just have a tangible idea of what appeals more to you than Republic Wireless so that I can know more about how you think.

I haven’t really researched up on this company, but Freedom Pop has plans that start at $0.00/mo.


I can without reservation say that no one in their right mind should ever consider FreedomPop. They’re more scam than phone company.


If the value of a phone company is based solely on the lowest price point it offers, Freedom Pop is the company to go with. (I didn’t read the article yet).


No, they’re really not. Hidden fees. Hidden recurring billing. Service that doesn’t work. Etc.


Sorry, but no, no and no. As anything other than an experiment, FreedomPop is a complete waste of one’s time (and possibly dollars).


When I wrote this about Freedom Pop, I didn’t really think it was good based on some comments I’ve seen here before. However, a lot of this conversation is solely based on price instead of value, so I thought I would mention Freedom Pop and have some fun…


No one has EVER had fun with Freedompop! :stuck_out_tongue:


You forgot to add expensive phone collection too.


If this plan had started at $15 for .5gb of data, I believe it would have made a much better impression and satisfied a lot more 1.0 refund members like myself. As it is, it doesn’t offer enough to convince me to stay, especially with multiple phones on my plan.


I agree. It would totally satisfy the low data users and at least give the no data talk/text Refund plan users something for their 50% price hike when moving from the refund plans.


This poor dead horse just continues to get beaten. For nearly 18 months now the base is $15 WITH NO DATA. Republic has put a clear stake in the ground as the being the sustainable point for them. With the available features, this is highly competitive in the market. There are cheaper, but not with MMS, Republic Anywhere, Wifi Calling, etc. If these are unimportant to you, you can find cheaper options. If they are meaningful for you, Republic remains the price leader.