Introducing the My Choice Plan


You guys have summarized my feelings as well. It’s disappointing that we are asked to pay higher prices for reduced services. Especially when the whole idea of the “republic” was to have low data usage whenever possible.

It somewhat irks me that they continue to use quotes from customers on old plans to advertise their current plans. Like this one on their webpage:

  • “This is the first time I’ve felt like I wasn’t being charged for things I don’t use…” - 2016 customer.

I don’t think anyone would actually say that now, unfortunately.


Reduced services? Can you clarify? Since the new plans were launched Republic has added another carrier, expanded its phone selection by many multiples, gotten out of the update game for faster updates, launched Republic Anywhere and more. Can you give me an idea of what was “reduced”?


I been reading most of the post here for the last couple of days and the only thing I see is complaints, including me, and people working for RW trying to defend the new plans. The majority of people wants a base price of $10, which it still would be an increase in price, and not the current $15, and the other thing I see that most of the people are like me part of the beta testers. Hopefully someone that makes decision at RW is reading this.


Domenico, The decision has been made. It was made about 18 months ago. The base price for plans at this time is $15. Republic believes that this is quite competitive in the market for what it offers. I would also note that while you are correct, the threads are largely filled with complaints, these complaints across all threads come from less than 40 people total. It is very difficult to build a business around a very small margin product that in addition doesn’t have significant market demand.


I still have my “Thank you for signing up!” e-mail from November 2011. I’ve read some complaints and some praise (people complaining are notably persistent). I’ve enjoyed reading all the feedback. All-in-all, I welcome the price drop from the Clear Choice plan. It’s not the original $19 all-you-can-eat plan I had back in 2012, but there have been a ton of enhancements since that $19 plan. The new plans seem reasonable to me.


I don’t have the $19 either, I have the refund plan and if I want to upgrade , my cost will go from the current $12-13 to more that $23 for the same plan. Not saying that prices are not reasonable, even though there are cheaper options out there, just saying that a 80% increase to a long time customer is a little hard to swallow.


That’s completely understandable.


I would like to know what “reduced” means, too.


Talk, text and data. I’m sorry if “services” isn’t the right word for what I meant. Maybe it’s “features” or something.

Specifically, I was referring to the ability to talk, text, and receive emails. The plans from last year (before 3.0) provided those capabilities for less than $13: I could talk, text, and use all the data I wanted (personally). Now, even $19 won’t get you that at RW. If I wanted to, I could pay $15 (increased price) and only have talk and text (reduced service). So in customers’ minds, that’s an increased price for reduced services. I would not call the increased phone options or the new texting app a core service, but I see what you mean if you count those as services.

It’s ok. I completely respect the ability of RW to make whatever business decisions they feel suits them best, and I really appreciated the company and its approach.


I went back to look for that email, mine is dated 11/11/11.


I am assuming you are one of the new people… I am one of the first people and when I joined this supposed to have been a Republic, which means power to the people, now looks like they stopped listening to the people, and if you don’t believe me here are the first few line from the first ever email I got from RW dated 11/11/11:

Domenico Giammona,
Thanks for joining the republic! You’ll find the summary of your order below.
We look forward to seeing you in the community! As a reminder, your username is xxxxxxx.


I think you’re misconstruing what a company is. The company may be named Republic Wireless because they want to listen to their customers, that does not mean “supposed to have been a Republic”. They’re still a business and listening to customers doesn’t just mean the vocal ones that show up in the forum. It means “listening” by seeing what people buy. It means “listening” to customer surveys. If companies, including Republic, ran by the very vocal very small minority in the forums, they’d be out of business in a heartbeat.


Not to mention that, so much of what Republic does is clearly a result of what they’ve heard from customers about what is important to them (being able to bring your own phone and to take your Republic phone to another carrier being a particularly significant one).


Yes, that decision was made at that time. Then they made another decision to change to My Choice plans. Someone from RW could conceivably change the plans again based, in part, on the comments on the boards. Part of the reason RW allows for comments on these boards is for people to…wait for it…comment.
Unless you are a RW employee who has decision-making power over plan changes, perhaps you should refrain from trying to shout people down who make comments that they don’t like the plans as they are currently constituted, even though RW made a pricing decision 18 months ago.


I’m free to express my opinion, just as you are. Republic has commented on this, over and over and over. They changed plans 18 months ago, establishing the $15 base price. They reconfirmed this just this week with the new plans, still with the $15 base plan. They’ve talked about the rationale many many times. Even in the latest threads. The horse is dead. Continuing to beat it won’t make it any deader.


Fair enough. But I posit that you beat the horse even more by complaining about people complaining.
And I’d also point out, again, that whatever RW said 18 months ago or even this week, has no bearing on what they might decide to do in the future. Heck, even if the CEO of RW posted something today saying, “RW will never offer a plan that is priced at $15 and includes half a gig of data,” I wouldn’t take that as anything written in stone. Not losing customers can trump most any business decision, if the numbers are right. And they may not be right, now, but in the future, who knows? You and I certainly don’t, and even RW can only have a limited amount of certitude.


In comments many have referred to a Refund Plan which seems to be a fair way to price your product. Does the electric co. charge us based on estimated kwh use or actual kwh use?

I average a couple hundred MB a month. Why am I paying GB pricing? Sadly the Refund Plan was long gone by the time I signed up.

RW, is there a way to bring the Refund Plan back for all your customers?


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We answered this 18 months ago and multiple times since and multiple times in this very post. The answer is that it is not possible at this time and making a prediction on future possibilities is a guess. Remember most carriers just assume you want unlimited GB and yes GB is the new measurement, like MB and KB before it.


Many electric companies also have minimum usage fees, too.

I like the idea of the refund plan (I experienced having it as well), but 2 Republic Wireless employees have explained several times in this thread why Republic Wireless isn’t doing the refund plans with new phones. In case you missed it, here’s @southpaw’s explanations (you can click on her profile name to expand her comments):

Here’s some of @seanr’s explanations in this thread (you can click on his profile name to expand his comments):