Introducing the My Choice Plan


…But you can still get the ability to talk, text, and receive e-mails for less than $13 with Republic Wireless. Many people still are using the refund plan with Republic Wireless right now. The introduction of the my choice plan has not stopped people from using the refund plan.

If “increased phone options” are not part of the services that you value with Republic Wireless, then you still have the option of using legacy Republic Wireless phones that work with the refund plan.


So I understand when I talk to friends over the holidays-- do you know if new customers have the option to sign up for the refund plans if they are able to find some suitable used phones, or must new customers sign up at the higher rates? Folks I know wouldn’t use more than a couple hundred MB a month.



New and old customers can take advantage of the refund plans right now. They just have to have a legacy Republic Wireless phone that’s compatible with the refund plan. For example, when I got 6 months of free service with Huawei Ascend 5W phone, I stopped using my Republic Wireless 1st Gen. Moto X. This year, I gave that phone to my friends that are from the US, but they live internationally. I thought the 2.0 plan would work better for them than the 3.0 plan. My friends were new customers to Republic Wireless.

While they were in the US, the refund plan really worked for them, and then when they went overseas, they changed to the $5/mo wifi only plan.

They liked their 2.0 plan so much that I wrote this:

You can check out eBay and/or for deals on used Republic Wireless phones. I got my used 1st Gen. Moto X from I’ve only used that website once, but it worked for me.


The legacy Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) will always activate with the Refund plan when activated as a new line of service.

Here is some guidance for purchasing a used phone: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


Thanks, guys. Good to know those old phones will continue to work with new refund accounts, and the recent rate increase for low-data users can be avoided altogether, if wanted.


Just to be clear, nothing has changed regarding options for customers who use less than 1GB of cell data.

The Refund plan stopped being available for new phones a year and a half ago when Republic first introduced unlocked phones. with the Clear Choice plan So, nothing has changed recently with regard to those plans.

The most recent plan change (the My Choice plan), although cheaper for those who use more than 1GB of cell data, is not a change in cost from the Clear Choice plan for low data users.


Because I am on the refund plan and pay less than that. I doubt RW would continue the refund plan if doing so would be unprofitable.


I think you under estimate Republic’s loyalty to their customers and what they would do to do right by their customers, even if it means swallowing a loss (or just breaking even) because of the grandfathering.


By definition the Refund Plans are not currently grandfathered to members or their phone’s current activation status and available to all who would like to activate a legacy device. Defy XT Beta plans and 1.0 original plans fit the definition

Grandfathered is the wrong term to be using for current status 2.0 Refund Plans and adds to member’s and potential member’s confusion.


Eh, potatoes potatoes. I would argue that they are grandfathered on the older phones, not the customers. Republic could just as easily decided to do away with them entirely and move all phones to the new plans.


Republic’s refund plans are indeed grandfathered to Republic’s legacy phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2). I’ve seen staff use the very same terminology here in Community. No need to nitpick.


Yes, I agree with all those using older plans that the 3.0 plans would increase our costs. I pay less than $12/month on the refund plan. Now maybe RW needs us all to pay more. I’d rather pay $20/month and help keep RW around then see them go under and be forced to pay more with who’s left. But if that’s the case say so. Be honest instead of allowing us to worry you are becoming just another greedy corporation. Tell us that, to pay your employees a living wage, you need us all to pay more. Otherwise, if you really want us to believe you are listening, let us keep the refund plan and buy new phones.


@rstoeck - This is a very long thread, so you may not have seen the staff responses that address this; aFloridian has kindly compiled them in the post here:

The new My Choice plan reduces the costs from the Clear Choice plan for everyone using more than 1GB/month.

There is no change from the old Clear Choice plan for those using less than 1GB or with a no data plan.

The My Choice plan is cheaper than the Refund plan for anyone using more than .67GB of cell data monthly.


I happily gave up my refund plan for the Clear Choice 1GB plan not too long ago.

The benefits to me were much much greater than the meager amount of money I was saving using the refund plans.

Republic’s service is so much smoother on the Clear/My Choice plans than it was on the Refund plan. Since I upgraded I have had less little glitches such as dropped calls and texts not wanting to send. I’ve also stripped away a surprising amount of stress that I had no idea the data crunching was causing me, and as a University student that stress released is a big help.

I would rather have Republic Anywhere, HQ, Relay, and the phone selection continue to inprove rather than go back to the slow updates we were having before. Another thing I love that this transition has led to is Republics small but substantial contribution to the Linux ecosystem with Republic Anywhere.

As a customer since the 1.0 plans I’m nothing but pleased about the My Choice plans. The basic data testing also has be exited about the future of Republic as well.


Well, the highest my bill was, ever, was about $21, once. So no, this is not a good deal for those of us that use little data. Because paying $48-$84 more per year on the off chance that we’ll almost get to one gigabyte of data makes no sense.

fair enough. From where I sit it appears to me that RW expects the My Choice plans to be more cost effective for those users previously on the Clear Choice plans. the break with Refund Plans (when Clear Choice launched over a year ago) is already in the past. They’ve been pretty transparent on the rationale and the fact that they can’t (and therefore won’t) extend Refund plans beyond the aging set of older phones otherwise still on those plans today.

If you are in the sub-500MB range, the refund plan is absolutely the best deal, and remains so even on the very rare (maybe once a year) occasion that I run it up to 700MB or so […].

yup, makes sense, that’s the group RW really targeted with those plans. turned out to be a limited market though, and that the plans were not as cost effective to PROVIDE as hoped, and so they live on only to support the devices still around which can ONLY work on those plans.

[…] much cheaper for me and low-data users, who stick to using wifi at every opportunity, which is what the core platform of Republic Wireless’s service was built on.

yup, that’s where it all started for RW anyway. the industry as a whole has shifted rapidly to greater cell data usage, and so RW has shifted too. Thankfully they haven’t shut-off the old plans (and have been clear that they will not do so).

Speed? I don’t really care, I just need to get directions, check email, and send messages.

you’d be surprised how much speed can matter even for low data use cases like this. a simple google search on VERY low speed networks (e.g. Sprint 1xRTT, aka Sprint 2G service) can be so painfully slow and wrought with failure that i used to avoid it at all costs.

If I want to watch something, I have a TV or computer.

high speed is definitely not just for streaming video content, but note that SOME video sources aren’t really available on TVs and you might want to watch them while mobile. think ‘video calls’ where speed is clearly useful and the ability to connect with family remotely is actualyl quite nice without a laptop.

[…] Now, if I could buy a bucket of data at $5, and that unused data would rollover monthly until empty, and then buy another bucket…that’d be a game-changer.

the buckets would likely have to cost more than $5 for this, and that would turn off a lot of potential new customers who are attracted to RW right now for the lower cost of mid-level amounts of data


Yes, I saw those, thanks. But recall that in my post, and most of the others, we know that the refund plan is cheaper. For me it is $100/year cheaper (actually for my wife too). I’m totally fine if RW needs me to pay more to keep your employees paid a decent wage because the cost for the service is extraordinary and paying $100 more per year would still be a great deal. But you will never sell me on an argument that it’s a better deal for me, because it is not by a long shot. The attempt comes off as insincere marketing. I have also been reluctant to upgrade because I prefer CDMA service for the times I spend on the road around Wisconsin in areas that don’t have GSM service (see the big holes in southwest and northwest WI), and it’s hard to find reassurance that I won’t be switched over to GSM if I upgrade. The darn phones also keep getting bigger. My 4.5" Moto G barely fits in my pocket. Randy


Unless you buy a GSM only phone, no one is going to secretly switch you to GSM service. And even in the worst case scenario, should you get a GSM activated phone (when buying a CDMA capable phone), you can request the support move you back to CDMA.


It sounds like you and your wife are using a very, very small amount of data, then (less than a tenth of a GB monthly on average each month).

If that’s the case, you are better off with the Refund plan.

If you use much more than that (an average of two-thirds of a GB monthly) then the scales tip in favor of the new plan cost wise.

(Are you seeing marketing from Republic saying that the My Choice is cheaper for very low data users currently on the Refund plan like you who would upgrade to a 3.0 phone?)


Republic Wireless has let those who have wanted to keep their refund plan do so for at least 1.5 years and counting after the clear choice plan was introduced. For their new plans, they have basically said that there is a cost associated with innovation, which some people call a 50% price increase. I say that the new my choice plan will decrease many people’s cellphone bills by 50% or more as compared to other carriers–especially the major ones.

For reasons already mentioned in this thread, it’s not feasible to have the refund plan AND not pay for the cost of innovation. If innovation is not part of the services that one values with Republic Wireless, new and old customers can stay with the refund plan on legacy Republic Wireless phones. We pay many times for what we value.


Here is what the marketing at says:
"If you are enjoying a 1.0 or Refund plan, this change won’t affect you or your plan. But, we think you’ll really like My Choice, and we’d encourage you to explore our excellent Android device lineup or list of compatible Android BYOP devices and give My Choice a try."
That marketing statement tries to get everyone on the refund plan to think this is a good deal regardless of how much data they use. Try something like "If you are already paying $20 or more each month on the refund plan, we think you’ll really like My Choice…"
Look at the comments in the forum and on that site. Many of us on the refund plan are there because we rigorously followed RW’s original philosophy to conserve cell data. I’ve been doing that since your beta phase. Look at your own database. Don’t look at the average data use of those on the refund plan. Look at how many people would end up paying more by switching. Maybe I’m part of a dying breed of original users, so it’s just me and the other few dozen users who follow RW’s old philosophy. Or maybe we’re still a significant chunk of your users. If we are a significant chunk, perhaps different kinds of communication will resonate better with us. You may actually be tapping two different markets, and they may need two different marketing strategies. Right now those of us following the old philosophy feel kind of let down because we feel punished for our conservation–no new phones for us unless we are willing to consume more, contradicting one of the main reasons we signed on to RW in the beginning. Sure, it was about saving money (though I wonder how many of us switched from $30 Tracfones to $100+ smartphones), but it was also about the challenging of conserving–the same reason we drive a hybrid car. When was the last time RW put out one of those messages about data conservation stories? It seems like it’s been a while. Instead I’ve been overwhelmed by marketing to buy new phones and consume more data. Randy Stoecker