Introducing the My Choice Plan


Just to clarify, Republic actually changed to the current plan model a year and a half ago when they introduced the Clear Choice plan for the unlocked phones. The major change now with My Choice is to make data cheaper than it was with that plan ($5/GB instead of $7.50/GB).

It is, of course, up to every customer to decide if that is still more than they wish to pay. (And, it’s always a good idea to check periodically to see what alternatives might be a better match as both Republic and other carriers continue to evolve. None of us knows what the landscape might look like a year from now!)


I gather from this thread that people have defined a low data user as one that uses only .5gb of data or less, but if people use 1gb of cellular data in a month, are they considered high end data users?

Low data use is subjective in its definition, and using 1 gigabyte of cellular data per month is considered low in the cellular industry. Therefore, the introduction of the my choice plan demonstrates the effort by Republic Wireless to appeal both to people that have low cellular data needs as well as those that want more data.


I should add one more thing: if we’re comparing Republic Wireless vs MintSim solely based on price, Republic Wireless has less out of pocket expense for unlimited talk, text, and some data if one is on the refund plan and uses it carefully. Right now, MintSim is offering promotional pricing, but, as they state in the terms and conditions of their website, that price won’t last forever. Therefore, I’m not comparing MintSim’s promotional pricing vs. Republic Wireless’ actual pricing. Though a person won’t get as much cellular data with Republic Wireless than MintSim, they will end up spending less per year on their plan with a legacy phone that uses the refund plan.


Judging from the other comments in re: My Choice Plan and the Refund Plan I would say that Republic Wireless’s customers are starting to get disgruntled. That is going to be a problem for Republic Wireless in the near future if they fail to listen to customer base.

kellyn.fhgxus is absolutely spot on.

Republic Wireless’s market is speaking to them right now, and they better listen, loyalty will only go so far. Once a person starts feeling slighted, they will be looking for other carriers.


I’m sorry, you just don’t have the data on this to make this statement. 100 customers on some threads does not a crisis make and in addition, if the new plans are attracting tens of thousands of customers at the risks of losing hundreds or thousands of customers, the net result is positive for Republic as a business.

That’s exactly the point. 100 people in a community thread does not a market make. Republic had a year of Refund plans and now 18 months of Clear Choice plans to see what the market really wants. In the redesign of the plans, it’s clear which won. THAT is what the market wants, not some community thread.


I for one am happy with this change. It’s going to save my wife and me $5 per month. She’s still on the refund plan, but even if we switched her over the cost to us will still be under $50 per month for 1GB + 2GB + taxes.

That’s a great deal. For those of you complaining that it’s not worth it, please share where you’re getting a better deal. I just shopped the closest matches I could get from Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Verizon (w/o phone) would be $140/mo + tax, Sprint (w/o phone) would be $100/mo (including tax), and T-Mobile would be $120/mo (including tax).
Verizon jumps to $200 per month if I add new phones, Sprint goes to $180 with phones, and I haven’t tried to add phones to service at T-Mobile, because it’s going to still be more than Republic.

So, I’m happy that in the worst case scenario for me, Republic can get me the service I need for less than one line on any other carrier in my area.

Keep up the good work, Republic.


If you’re on a cheaper plan PLEASE BE THANKFUL!! They COULD BE LIKE VIRGIN MOBILE and JUST SHUT OFF your account for NO REASON, then MAKE YOU UPGRADE or go elsewhere! YOU STILL HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT!!
I was paying around $12-$13/month with VIRGIN, and they just SUDDENLY SHUT MY PHONE DOWN with NO WARNING! SORRY SIR, THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR ACCOUNT! And if you don’t think the system is CROOKED, call the FTC and see where it gets you! They send you back to your provider, who will give you a “Discount” on one of their NEW Plans, which are double what you were paying.


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I understand that this is not impacting my account because we have one Wi-Fi + Cell Talk + Text Service Plan, one Refund Plan, and one Clear Choice 1GB Plan. But this impacting my ability to upgrade to a new RW Phone. That is the basis for my response.

If RW would offer a .5 GB option, I would consider getting a new phone to replace my Refund Plan G3. I currently have the following:
9103xxxxxxx with Republic Refund ™ Base Plan + 0.5 GB Cell Data 17.50
My average refund is:
$7.41 ($7.12 if you add in the month we transitioned phones and my data not used disappeared).
That makes my average bill $10.09 plus tax, so I’d still take a hit of $7.41 per month.

But it would be worth it to get a new phone if I could do the base plan ($15) + .5GB ($2.50) and add .5GB as needed.

My wife’s average refund was $3.61 and she was willing to give that up for a 21MP phone, so we went from $13.89 to $20 on her phone. Under the new plan she is still using less than .5GB, so we could save $2.50 there as well.




Thanks for your good description of your current account situation.

Since you have one line without data you got me thinking about what if RW were to eliminate the basic talk/text at $15 and start the My Choice pricing at $17.50 with 0.5GB included with additional at the $5 per GB. It would increase the cost of basic call/text but decrease the cost for low data users. Lowering level for entry into data use seems to be a bigger issue than the basic call/text cost increasing to $15.


On behalf of myself and the others who have a line (or multiple lines) at the $15 level. No thank you.


Do you think it would be close to revenue neutral for RW?


I have no idea what it would be. But I’m unclear how Republic would benefit by angering one customer group in exchange for pleasing another. Especially when the group they’d be angering is one that the new plans are designed to serve, (and has been for 18 months) and the ones that they’d be pleasing are a segment which clearly the new models have now twice decided were the segment that unfortunately couldn’t be served.


Very unlikely due to loss of members, a significant number of whom do not wish to include cell data in their plan. This “solution” would force everyone to pay for data, even if they never wish to use it. It’s also a no go for parents who do not wish to provide their children with cell data access.


I barely ever use cell data. As a matter of fact, I would say that the majority of the time my cell data is the result of an underlying system process and not web/email use. But I have the data on for the rare times that I want to use it. My lowest bill had a refund of $7.48 on Monday, August 07, 2017, meaning I had a $10.02 charge. On the My Choice Plan, $20 would have been a 99.60% increase. Here’s the increase of my past 12 months if I had been on My Choice Plan.
Sure, it’s not 100%, but it’s a LOT closer to 100% than 50%.



Those currently having lines could be grandfathered to prevent loss of members. A 17% price increase would be much less than the 50-100% we saw with introduction of the Clear Choice plans.

That may or may not be a valid point (?) but the children would still have access to the WiFi around them. Don’t parental control apps have the ability to address those concerns?

Many here have replied why 0.5GB at $2.50 would be so revenue unfriendly, “What if” thought may actually be revenue neutral, shouldn’t give heartburn to the masses and would still a great value for potential members.

My Choice isn’t changing soon and we all have to live with it for a while or leave. We can just about count on another change down the road and just throwing out for an option for thought for in the future.


To be clear. Republic can’t win. As an expert I handle a number of support interactions. So far a bit over 30,000 since I started, and I have seem many, many people ANGRY, OUTRIGHT FURIOUS that they can’t have the Clear Choice (now My Choice) plans on their legacy phones. Complain how Repubic is RIPPING THEM OFF with the Refund Plans.

No company is going to be a one size fits all.

It’s time for people to realize what the size is. If it doesn’t fit, find a carrier that does, if such a beast exists.


RW is winning, offering great plans and growing from what I see.


Grandfathering people in isn’t the point.

The point is that they would lose a whole class of customers who do NOT wish to purchase cell data or have it available on their phones. You’re asking those people to underwrite those who want access to cell data, but aren’t willing to pay even $5 for it.

Honestly, though, I’m not going to get engaged further in a debate about a plan that doesn’t exist and has very little likelihood of existing here as it’s off topic in this thread and distracts from discussion of the My Choice plan.


Please consider adding a refund of unused data to the “My Choice Plan.” We love the 2.0 plan!


That’s really sad. Even if I disagree with people, I appreciate when they’re consistent in their reasoning. If someone is angry and outright furious about a $20/mo + tax cellphone plan with Republic Wireless, are they still angry and outright furious when they spend $20/mo + tax (or more) with another carrier?

Hopefully, Republic Wireless will continue to brand itself as an affordable carrier that offers a lot of value. I think there are going to be more and more cellphone carriers that are going to offer free service for a period of time or a lot of promotional pricing that makes the cost of service next to nothing, but Republic Wireless just needs to keep on differentiating itself with the value they place in their services. I don’t think the race to be the next $0.00/mo carrier is going to be sustainable.