Introducing the My Choice Plan


After reading every single post on this thread and following southpaw’s links and reading those announcements/articles I feel it is still necessary to dispute your claim that refunds are not technically possible. They are definitely technically possible. Arguing against that is an insult (and makes you look like you don’t know what you are talking about). Just because Republic used a custom ROM in the past doesn’t mean that providing refunds/rollover REQUIRES a custom ROM. Telling people that (or implying it) is a falsehood.

Dropping new phones from using refund was a business (mostly marketing) decision that is evidenced within the official announcements. That much I understand and respect. Not enough people signing-up, people upset about very high price-per-GB, people confused - that is understandable. But telling us (or implying to us) that refunds/rollover is impossible without a custom ROM is simply not true and insults the intelligence of many of us reading this forum.

I am also disturbed by the reaction to criticism coming from some RW experts and ambassadors. Just because Refund has been dead on new phones since July 2016, doesn’t mean it can’t come back someday. Saying things like, “it is a dead horse” is absolutely insulting. It doesn’t mean that I am foolish for suggesting that RW bring it back. RW should be constantly listening to its customers and when feedback is given, that feedback should be listened to and respected. Evaluating and re-evaluating should be a constant activity while running a business. Even if the suggestion is unlikely to be implemented you shouldn’t tell your complaining customer they are wrong, or that their idea is impossible (when clearly it is not), or that their complaint is a “dead horse”.

I would suggest you simply thank them for their comments and remind them that RW is constantly working to improve their plans and customer satisfaction. You can’t keep everyone happy all of the time, but you can at least make the people complaining feel like they are at least respected. I only made a few comments in this thread but the official responses I received did not make me feel 100% respected and I suspect many others felt the same way. Just another suggestion. Thanks for your time and attention.


Hi @kellyn.fhgxus,

Sean is not being dishonest with you. There are, as you saw in the links I provided, at least three reasons Refund plans are not available in Clear Choice and now My Choice. There were marketing and business decisions, and there was also a technical obstacle due to the fact that the data saver tools are no longer available since we are not in the ROM. Android does not make it possible for our app to allow users to manage and fine-tune foreground and background data usage with the precision available to an app that is in the ROM. Even when we were in the ROM, there was a “race” issue allowing some data usage as the phone booted, and we received support ticket complaints regularly about data being used unintentionally. We would not be able to support a refund plan that could not allow complete control of data use by the phone user.

It was a multi-faceted decision with multiple different reasons, all of which matter. The technical obstacle was one of several reasons.

We understand how much our Refund members enjoy the savings they get in the Refund plan, and we will continue to look for ways to provide additional value in the hopes that these members will see a reason to stay with Republic Wireless.

Our internal teams do continue to listen to and evaluate feedback in the context of a very big picture. What you see in this forum is a very vocal response to a message - we have something new and, we think, better than Clear Choice. Obviously our Refund members do not find it to be a compelling enough improvement to upgrade, and we hear that message. Thank you for adding your voice to that response. I apologize that you felt disrespected by those who responded here. We do want our Community to be a place where every member’s opinion can be heard, and every member feels comfortable providing that opinion without fear of being shouted down. I did relay that message multiple times to our Experts and Ambassadors, and will continue to do so. They are, however, passionate in their convictions and we appreciate that passion as well. We’ll continue to encourage meaningful conversations where all perspectives are treated with respect.


Thank you for your response. You technically could support a refund plan that does not allow complete control of data use by the user. But you choose not to. That is a business decision, not a technical impossibility as was and still is being implied. That is my point. Because Sean wrote multiple posts that imply refund is impossbile without the old custom ROM. Data saving tools are helpful for saving data and fine-tuning the refund experience, but not technically necessary for refunding unused data. Hopefully your engineers are working on a new ROM-independent implementation of data saving tools - I feel like every type of plan would benefit from it and it was one thing that really stood out about RW in the past.

Maybe I should just ask you directly: Do you agree with Sean’s implication that refunding unused data is technically impossible without a custom ROM?


By “support” I am saying that our support team could not handle the potential support requests, based on the number we saw simply from the race condition, that would be generated in a situation where users did not have complete control of data management. Our Refund members do not want to pay for data that is consumed unintentionally, and will open a support ticket to request refunds down to the very penny for any data consumed without intent.

Yes. I agree with his statements. I’ve also said that the technical obstacle is just one of several important factors. As I said above, my understanding is that managing and refunding data within the constraints of the newer Android builds is not possible for apps that are not build into the ROM. I’m not a developer and I will be delighted if one day our developers and engineers prove me wrong (especially since Mr. Southpaw is an avid Refund subscriber), but potential future Android updates, new developer insights, and creative solutions to technological obstacles will not mean that anyone quoted today was being dishonest with our membership.


And yet Project Fi is able to achieve refund without a custom ROM and twice the cell carriers so I am puzzled that you agree with those assertions. Fi even supports some iOS devices without a custom ROM… Since it has been proven that it is technically possible, simply put - Republic has made a business decision not to pursue and offer this.

I just want this community (especially your ambassadors) to understand that refund is certainly possible without custom ROM. It’s been done. Blaming the ROM and claiming it is impossible is being deceptive (a form of untruthfulness). Choosing not to attempt to jump the hurdle is a business decision. Abd as I said before, I can respect that. But let’s not tell the RW community that something that is possible is impossible. It simply isn’t true.


That is 100% false. Project FI is a Google Product and Google writes the operating system.


Are they writing iOS too? Because there are iPads that are Fi certified…


A data-only SIM is a completely different animal and not an apple to apples comparison. If Project Fi meets your needs, then my recommendation would be to go with the service that best meets your needs. That is part of why I like RW so much. The no-contract service allows me the flexibility to leave for another product if I do so wish. Personally, Project Fi doesn’t appeal to me at all. They refund plans are more expensive at every level in comparison to the My Choice plans. But hey to each their own.

You can believe whatever you want about what you are being told by RW staff, I will choose to take them at their word.


Furthermore, none of their compatible devices have custom ROMs. You can take an unlocked phone from a different carrier and pop a Fi SIM card in it, download the Fi app and use Fi. It is nothing like RW’s old custom-ROM phones…


It’s ironic that you should mention iOS. iOS has similar controls to what Republic used in its modified ROM refund plan phones baked into the OS. Perhaps, one day, Google will make it as simple with Android. Today, however, is not that day.

I’m not a developer and, therefore, unqualified to comment on the degree of difficulty in overcoming Android’s lack of similar data saver controls in the OS. I suspect for there to be any chance of refund plans returning that’s what it would take, though that too is speculation on my part.

I also don’t know that it’s fair to compare Republic with industry behemoths like Google or Apple. Those folks have orders of magnitude resources (engineering and otherwise) than Republic.


Hi @kellyn.fhgxus,

I’ve never worked for Fi, I’ve never tried a Fi phone, and I’ve never even had time to really explore what it is they do, because I pretty much spend all my time (even my free time) working with Republic Wireless members.

My limited understanding is that their refund plan is not identical to ours. I have no idea how they handle the support requests for data used without intent. I do know Google is a much larger company with deeper pockets than Republic Wireless, which does give them the ability to make business decisions differently. And yes, I acknowledged that our decision is based on multiple factors, of them the technical obstacle is only one.

There is nothing I can say that is going to convince you or our Community that Sean and I are trustworthy individuals, nor that the company we work for is trustworthy and puts a lot of time and effort into trying to provide the best value for our members. Because you have decided to doubt my trustworthiness and try to influence the community to believe that I am not being honest, I see no point to further engaging in a conversation that will not be believed. I would encourage you to look for a business you can trust when making your spending decisions.


I am not going to be able to convince you that they write code into the ROM for the devices that work on their service specifiically for Project Fi, but that is exactly what they do. That doesn’t mean that the phone can’t be used on other networks.


That’s cool. But I prefer to call out technical inaccuracies when they come through official channels. Maybe Fi will work out better for me in the future, idk. Right now RW 2.0 meets my needs better. Several times RW reps have stated that a custom ROM is necessary for a refund plan. I have argued against this and provided evidence to support my argument. If they choose to continue defending their assertions, that is on them.


Technically a custom ROM is necessary for the refund plan, if for no other reason than they do not offer a refund plan for a phone without a custom ROM. :rofl:


Your evidence is frankly an inaccurate one. Compariing Fi to Republic is completely inaccurate. You are comparing a company that writes the operating system to a company that works within the operating system. Calling Republic staff lairs in my opinion is ridiculous.


Technically a custom ROM is necessary for the RW 2.0 refund plan. Yes, true! But a custom ROM is not necessary for every refund plan. In other words Republic could develop a new refund plan that didn’t rely on a custom ROM. It’s already been done! My goodness, I’m going to leave it at that. Thanks for the discussion everyone. Happy Holidays!


Perhaps, we have achieved the meeting of technical limitation and business decision making. For Republic to continue its currently grandfathered refund offering without a modified ROM is a technical limitation. Maybe a new refund (or other pay as you go) model might be developed, however, it seems insufficient interest currently exists for that to be the best use of limited resources (business decision).


Allelujah! That has been my point all along. It CAN be done, that’s what I’ve been saying. Everyone else has implied it is technically impossible which is false. Every time I tell you guys it is possible, I am told it is impossible. Impossible and impractical are two different things. It is a business decision not to persue a new refund plan - not a technical impossibility! Can we agree on that? Cheers!


We, you and me, can mostly agree on that. What I cannot agree with you on is that Republic staff is lying. Who’s to say Sean and other staffers weren’t referring to the currently grandfathered refund structure when stating not continuing to do so was in part a technical limitation.


Seems we’re just arguing semantics. I have not said anyone is lying. I have said that RW-sanctioned folks in this forum have been inaccurate to the point of being deceptive. Deceptive is probably not the right word as it implies intent - I apologize. After reviewing the posts in question, again it appears to be a combination of semantics and a lack of expertise.

For instance: saying it is not possible for Republic to offer My Choice + refund plan on new phones could be taken many ways. I took it to mean that the poster believed it technically impossible since they continued referring to the limitations of a non-custom ROM. What would be more clear is if they said: technically impractical due to limited engineering resources because the old system relied on the custom ROM and our engineers would have to develop a different system. There’s a huge difference between impractical vs. impossible. It may be impractical for RW to offer a refund plan with new phones, but it is not impossible. I think we agree on that.

So while Sean and other staffers may well have been only referring to the current refund plan’s infrastructure, that wasn’t clear to me. In any case, I apologize for that misunderstanding/misinterpretation. Hope someday it will be practical for RW to offer another refund plan! :crazy_face: