Introducing the My Choice Plan


What % of support tickets are you suggesting were generated due to data refund amounts prior to the Clear Choice plans.

Those seem to be moot points if refunds are technically impossible as we hear? A race situation can still deplete purchased data as well.

I find it difficult to believe refunds are impossible because RW can tell use how much data we have left/used. There’s an app for that or RW should be able to integrate refunds into their present billing system with some tweaked systems/software changes.

For members how much value would be the plan if it offers refunds? I say not much when you can purchase/add data at $5 per GB. With the KISS MY Choice plan if you want or need data you get 1GB at a bargain price rather than paying more for refundable data as with the Refund plans. How much food to you toss per month?

For most members upgrading to 3.0 phones the elimination of refunds amounts less than half of the plan cost increase.


I very much doubt @southpaw has such percentages at her fingertips. I will say that in addition to being a Community Ambassador, I answer tickets for Republic as an Expert (and have been for two and a half years). I’ve seen enough tickets from folks wondering how and why cell data gets used to convince me that without the app-by-app data saver controls afforded by being in the ROM, a 3.0 version of refund plans would be a bad experience for both members and Republic.

I believe its quite accurate that refund plans as implemented in 2.0 would be impossible without operating system level data saver controls such as those that exist in iOS. Google hasn’t seen fit to put them in Android and being out of the ROM, Republic can no longer add them itself.

@seanr has stated more than once that capping cell data use and tracking for the purpose of issuing refunds are two entirely different animals. One either believes him or one doesn’t. I choose to believe him because he’s more than earned the benefit of my doubt and I’m aware of no credible information that contradicts him on this point.

Easy for anyone not charged with making it so to say. Experience has taught me, it’s not necessarily so easy when one is charged with actually getting it done.


Since the RW staff hasn’t given me any reason for me to disbelieve them, I choose to take them at their word as well.


Republic Wireless offers customers their plans and services on a month to month basis. Nowhere has Republic Wireless stated that the refund plan they offered in 2015 would stay the same for 2+ years. They are a no contract company; customers can’t hold Republic Wireless on a leash of a refund plan contract that doesn’t exist.

Intertwined with some requests for the refund plan have been insinuations of lack of integrity in this company. However, for the past 3.5+ years, I haven’t seen cause for concern of Republic Wireless straying from its mission.


These are absurd requests for information. When you’re at the supermarket and you notice the green beans have gone up a dime do you go to customer service and ask what comprises that dime? Is it the metal of the can, is filtering the water that they’re packed in more expensive, was there a bad Bean crop? Of course you don’t, because you can choose to buy the beans, or not buy the beans, but as a customer that’s the power you have, not one to question business models, questions assertions about the cans, or anything like that.

Why do people seem to think that it’s a reasonable thing to do here?


I previously had a Project Fi account and they are not competitively priced if you actually use 1GB per month. As an example: Republic Wireless = $20/month, and Project Fi = $30/month if all the 1GB is used. If only 100MB is used: Republic Wireless = $20/month, and Project Fi = $21/month. Their refund did not make Project Fi cheaper.


This disheartens me, as a refund user. As you can see from my post above with the percentages, I acknowledge that not all data I was “billed for” was intentionally used - yet I didn’t complain. I was happy to be refunded for what wasn’t used.

Is it possible to add refund back in, with “lawyer speak” and “laymen speak” that states billing includes all data used by the phone? That way you would cover the bases for data used by services and rogue applications. I personally think this would be a good negotiation to allow refund loving customers the ability to upgrade to a new phone.

Let’s say you make this available to people on legacy phones that upgrade to a new phone, and if it works without major support issues, offer it to all customers.



I forgot to add that I would more than likely transition to My Choice Plan when I need a new phone if the I could buy .5 GB. At 1 GB, I’ll be in swappa looking for the best RW 2.0 phone that still works.

If I could buy .1 GB at a time (and convince my wife to let me buy a new phone), I’d get a new phone tomorrow.



You’d buy a older tech used phone that’s likely to have issues soon to save $30 a year?



I’ve still have two G1s that work great. One is currently used as a phone ($10 T&T) and one is used as an MP3 player when I go skating. I only stopped using the G1 because I bought a good used MXP for my wife (she wanted the 21 MP camera) and transitioned to he G3. I will admit that updates for the G1 were getting frustrating due to the quantity of songs I refused to delete to leave a 500 MB cushion for updates, but I still made it work.

It’s not only about the money, it’s about not wasting something that is still usable. But even if talking just money, I can buy a used phone on swappa much cheaper than buying a new phone, so I’d save more than just $30/year.



At least the unused data doesn’t end up in a land fill.


Fair point but one that applies equally to a newer used phone that would work with My Choice as opposed to Republic’s Refund plans. :slightly_smiling_face:


Or purchasing a factory new last year’s model Moto G4 32GB($105) or G4 Play 16GB($80) will provide a better user experience and save money/time in the longer term.


Good point as well, but I don’t use enough data to be enticed by My Choice. I’d go from <$12 a month to $20 a month.

I was just reading an article about best camera phones (I am surprised that everyone is going back to the low teens MP when MXP had a 21 MP.) to see what I might be able to get for my wife if her MXP needs to be replaced. It looks like Pixel 2 XL had the best, but I think I personally liked the images from the HTC U11 better. I just cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money for a phone. I might buy an HTC U11 if it was compatible with RW and my wife was no longer happy with her MXP.



More MP doesn’t equal better pictures. Actually the MXP is perfect example. It was a mediocre camera for its generation even thought it out megapixeled others. In fact, if the sensor size is the same, the more megapixels, the smaller the pixels, the less light they take in and the worse the images get in mid to low light.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced phone with a pretty fantastic camera, I would suggest looking at the Moto G5+ (the plan G5+, not the G5s+).


Thanks for the response and education on camera quality, that will be considered.

Granted we were only comparing to the G3, but it was much better. What she really likes is to be able to zoom and crop after she has taken the picture. In that case, the higher MP should give a cleaner (less pixeled) picture.



Zooming and cropping is the one exception where MP make a difference. If you look at the top rated cameras right now the Pixel 2 as 12.2MP (1.4 pixel size), the Galaxy S8 is 12MP (1.4 pixel size), the U11 is 12MP (1.4 pixel size). That’s why the cameras take pretty low noise pictures in low light as compared to the X Pure at 21MP (0.8 pixel size).

The Moto G5+ has the same camera that was in the Samsung Galaxy S7 at 12MP (1.4 pixel size).


I’m another refund plan lover. $12-$13 per month per phone. Now that my refund plan phone broke for ever I am having to decide what to do next. My wife’s refund plan phone screen has broken and held together with clear tape for about 5 months. That’s how die hard we are. It’s so hard to change plans when you have tasted a cheaper plan like what we currently have. Unfortunately with no newer model phones available our time has finally come to an end with these refund plans. I will be shopping around for the cheapest plan out there offering unlimited talk and text and a small bit of data.

Republic Wireless has been a real blessing to our family mainly because of the low monthly cost of the refund plan. Republic Wireless I just want to say thank you and I do understand your need to change your plan offerings. Business is business and you know your market and your strategy better than we do. It is strange that other companies are getting creative with selling bulk pricing options and you might consider that also. (Sorry I have not read the entire thread of comments. You may have addressed this.)


Notable Newbies: Welcome!

I sadly moved on from Republic Wireless in Nov/2017 after giving up hope that the refund plans were going to come back because I needed a new phone. I chose Total W Unlimited Talk/Text @ $23 and buy 5gb of rollover data for $10 that will stay with me till it runs out. So far I’ve only refilled once and since I have a large reserve I don’t worry about running out. Not to mention being on Verizon’s network for coverage. Not as cheap as before but at least I get more convenience for my money and any phone I want. I would have loved to stay but had better options elsewhere.


My wife and I had to finally upgrade our phones. So now our bill will go from just over 20 a month to 35. I know republic’s costs go up, I know it’s still cheaper than the alternatives, it’s just rough to go from spending an average of 20 cents a month for my data to 5 dollars. It has the feel, to me, of “we can make more money, so let’s do it”

If a cheaper alternative comes along we are probably gone. Until then, here’s our money. Just had to let you know we do not like it.