Introducing the My Choice Plan


Hello @jeffreyt.zmtmgs. I’m not sure if you have read this thread or a summary of this thread, but if you do, you can at least read the reasons from Republic Wireless staff why the My Choice Plan is priced as it is. If you’re pressed for time, you might be able to at least read just this link and this link to read their main points in this thread without having to read a lot of non-staff posts.

I think this comment acknowledges that the my choice plan offers more than just $5/gb. When RW’s new plan was the refund plan, people didn’t have so many phone options as they do now. RW is continually adding new phones that people can use on their network because of their switch to the my choice plan.

The refund plan still does exist for those who want to use it as well.

I’m a 3 year customer of RW. I remember (and have liked) the refund plans, but I also like the improvements I’ve experienced with the my choice plans, and I want to encourage RW to keep on providing great service for their customers! :slight_smile:

I wish I could have said that I was spending only $35/mo for service back in the day in 2011 when I was spending over $100/mo for my Verizon phone service + iPhone 4 payment in a 2 year binding contract.

I can’t change my past, but I have been happy for my lower cellphone costs with RW combined with the value that they offer.


That’s quite a comparison, and even more so when you consider, if I’m understanding correctly,…

I think @jeffreyt.zmtmgs is saying the he pays $35 a month for two lines.


Thank you for the feedback @jeffreyt.zmtmgs. If/when you go elsewhere, we hope you’ll let us know where, why, and how it compares.


Yes, we had Verizon before we switched to republic a few years back also, yes the current prices are better than all the alternatives out there that I have been able to see.

So according to you I should be ok my price through republic is going up? As long as it stays less than the competition?

I posted here to add my voice to those who are being forced out of our cheaper plans, being made to pay for things we don’t need, and are not happy about it.

I am very happy for all of you who are happy, I am happy I’m no longer paying Verizon or other “mainstream prices”, not happy my price is going up and I’m not getting anything out of it other than more data that I don’t use.

Wasn’t expecting a fix, a change, or anything like that. Just adding myself to the list.


I don’t think the majority of customers in any industry want any sort of price increase for products or services they pay for. Without understanding the reasons for Republic Wireless’ new plans, I can see why people may have cause for concern with their new bills. However, when customers look at the total package offered from Republic Wireless with the my choice plans vs. the refund plans, many will realize that they are paying more for more, not more for less.

As far as competition goes, at this point, I believe that with the my choice plans, Republic Wireless is the leader with their price point + value they offer. I don’t believe that Republic Wireless is a great deal because of price alone; their price point + value have to be looked at as a combined package to really see the benefit derived from this company. You can also join this conversation that I’ve been active in where people have been talking about how different cellphone services stand against Republic Wireless if you would like.


The bit you quoted was aimed more at southpaw “helpfull” comments.

I appreciate your invite, but as you can probably tell by my Nick, I’m not much for forums. I know what’s available in my area, know it’s all outrageously priced, etc etc etc.

My Verizon bill didn’t start at 100 bucks, but was up to 120 I think by time I left them. Hate seeing it happen again. Doesn’t matter that they are the cheapest, it’s the shoehorning and other tactics that I have seen elsewhere that I do not like.

I know I’m just bitching at the community here, it isn’t technically a help line or anything, but like I said, I don’t expect help, it is what it is, but I also felt I needed to add my voice to the others who felt the same.



Welcome to the list. You are not alone.

Few are happy about the close to 100% increase in the monthly plan cost that some members have seen. Some responses may sound that way and usually made by those who have easily accepted the changes. Some folks do have a tendency to defend their own thoughts or a company’s position more than others. IMO sometimes the less said, the better depending upon the congregation. I didn’t like the plan cost increases any more than you do and wasn’t an early supporter or adopter. I still empathize with members faced with needing to upgrade their phones. However I’ve never felt forced to make the change and initially paid the $15 for just talk/text to save the extra $5 knowing data was available if needed. After upgrading my main mobile and usually adding a GB per month have used it to my advantage by finding productive uses for or enjoying the data I’m paying for. I was impressed with the data price reduction and increased plan flexibility that came with the introduction of the My Choice plan. RW has added more potential value for the increase we have seen. At this point I doubt the 2.0 Refund plan would interest me if it meant having to choose from a limited number of new over prices phones that are chained to RW again. Our new found freedom of choices is well worth the extra 6o bucks a year for a basic talk/text plan IMO. At least we can now easily walk our phones over to another less expensive provider if fed up with RW.



Hi @jeffreyt.zmtmgs,

Sorry my comments invoked quotation marks. I was just struck by the comparison @aFloridian made, and noticed you were actually talking about two lines.

I understand that you’re disappointed that by upgrading, you saw an increase in the plan price, and you need to express that disappointment. We’ve tried our best to explain the reasons, and there’s no sense going over it all again, especially since it makes people think there’s an argument to be had. The truth of the matter is when you’re looking at a higher bill, the company’s reasons really aren’t what matter to you. We hear you, the whole company hears you.

We tried to find a reasonable compromise by grandfathering the Beta, 1.0 and 2.0 plans to their phones. I’ve been a subscriber of other companies that decided the prices would go up, and they went up - for everyone. No grandfathering.

I have three family members in my household and two extended family members on 1.0/2.0 plans. My prices will go up as their phones need to be replaced. My daughter texted me today to tell me that every time she takes a picture with her X2, it powers off. I’ll have to upgrade her soon. I completely understand what you’re saying, and apologize if you felt otherwise.


You say
It is our mission to provide our members with remarkably simple and affordable ways for people to truly connect.

If that is truly your mission, why aren’t you offering a My Choice 4.0 plan?

Refunding payment for unused data has nothing to do with the hardware–what phone you’re using. It is purely a billing software problem, and it can’t possibly be a very difficult problem.

As for simplicity, the refund plans are way simpler than having to change your plan every time you think your data needs will change.

And switching to a different company will be troublesome and mean that some of the money you’ve spent–or unvestment you’ve made-- has been wasted.

I’m very disappointed in RW over this change.

In all honesty, you should change your mission statement to show that giving the best, most affordable service to your customers is no longer your top priority.


This has been discussed, a bunch of times, and this assertion just isn’t correct. Because Republic isn’t modifying the OS anymore, they aren’t hooked in as deeply and therefore rely on carrier data use reporting, which isn’t real-time. While a bit of overuse due to this is an acceptable business risk, having to refund thousands of customers at the end of a billing period, only to find usage over that, isn’t acceptable. If you don’t believe this is the case, Google Fi is a great example. I had one line with them for a bit over 6 months and every month I got an “adjustment” billing because of data usage reporting errors. This is both a terrible customer experience and a potential collections nightmare which a company like Google might be able to bear, but isn’t acceptable to a much smaller company.

In addition, market demand for this type of plan stinks, as demonstrated by the fact that only Google Fi, a very niche player, has such a plan in the market.


I think the problem with Refund plan where 2 fold

  1. the pool of low data users which it was design for is too small to really be profitable and to grow the company (if you used about 1.5 GB there where many options to move to for better value, some stop using data all together, or got cheaper data though hot spots where (I know some who used Karma hot spot for a $10 GB rate)
  2. the complexity of the Refund plans was just to much for the public who just wants to pay their bill and have it work, with the high true cost of data had been hidden though breakage models also caused sticker shock and keep people away, I will also note that the Refund plan encourage micromanagement of ones cell data which not every one wanted to do or could do on a families members phone (and then need to convince other members on the account to do the same)

I will also note there is no need to change plans in My Choice plans as there is a one time data add on option if one finds they need data and they don’t normally data or have run out for the billing cycle
My Choice data cost is 1/3rd the cost of the Refund data (this is due to breakage)
the simple fact the the cost of doing business with the carriers has had a increase in a base cost ($15 from $10) could have been rolled out to all users and not just the new phones (Republic grandfathering those on old phones was a nice thing for Republic do to)


I am giving that option a lot of consideration myself. I rarely ever use over 50mb per month and that is a high usage month! I have scheduled my life and travels around wifi spots so that I can help out the most. The reward for all these years of cooperation? Dumping my plan if I want to upgrade my phone! Way to reward the faithful, RW!


Companies don’t pull statistics and user feedback out of thin air. The vocal few do not make up the majority.

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I agree. BRING BACK THE REFUND PLAN! I had to buy a new phone. My Moto X1 died 12/17. The My Choice plan is ■■■■ - there’s NO CHOICE. Just with or without data. As a small data user, I won’t pay $20+ when I used to pay about $13 for what I needed. I just don’t use data now, which is a major inconvenience. Definitely considering my alternatives. RW, you should reward your loyal customers before you become a has-been!