Invalid mailbox message

What phone do you have? samsung a50

What plan are you on? unlimited

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data too on wireless w 1g of cell data

Issue Description

My mailbox gives a message saying the mailbox is invalid. It says it if its powered off but also at other times. No pattern. Any ideas?

I dont think you understand the problem. It’s not something I can fix, its something Republic should fix.

I would suggest you try: Open a Ticket
My pointing out the 2 different methods, was an attempt to narrow the problem down for you


If you have an issue that has to be fixed by Republic those of us here in the community forum can’t solve it for you. You’ll need to open a ticket following the directions provided by @jben to get assistance from Republic.


Thanks much for your reply.

I dont even know where to open a ticket. I didnt think republic had any support until I found this.

I can live with it.

Thanks for trying!


Try clicking the open a ticket link above or this one (green)

@Majorninth The OP is responding by email and wouldn’t have the link to click.

@christinec.9ih6sn You can open a ticket at

And more info about all the means of support from Republic: How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

Hi @christinec.9ih6sn,

Although you are seeing replies in your E-mail, the conversation you have begun about your invalid mailbox message is taking place in our Member Community where you first wrote to us at Invalid mailbox message.

We don’t want you to just “live with” an issue. Although I see some recent Help Tickets in your account history, I don’t see anything recent about this particular issue, so I’ll go ahead and open that ticket for you. We look forward to helping you get this taken care of.

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Thank you!

My friend who told me about republic initially opened a ticket before for me but I couldn’t find that option anymore so thought all I had was the community.

I understand I run into more dropped calls and bad connections but they aren’t that often, I think we get what we pay for :slight_smile:

But if they could fix my voicemail problems that would be great.

I think it maybe because I asked for my phone number to not automatically show up on people’s caller I’d. If that’s the problem, wecan switch it back.

Thanks again for your help.


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