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I cannot activate the new US Bank mobile app or set up a customer account with Lowe’s because neither will validate a VOIP number. If this keeps happening it would cause me to switch providers. Is Republic Wireless in a position to negotiate with anyone who refuses to validate a VOIP number as an authenticator? If not, what are Republic Wireless customers supposed to do if they can’t activate a mobile app or set up an account?

Hi @ryanh.ccfqja,

I might be able to help out with half your problem:

I don’t have a solution for Lowe’s tho :confused:
However other members might… :crossed_fingers:

Republic routinely lobbies these folks. That said, Republic cannot force another company to modify its policies.

I do not say this lightly, however, if the mobile app and/or service refuses to accept VoIP numbers or offer alternative options (email, authenticator apps such as Authy as examples), one may need to make a choice. I would point out US Bank isn’t the only bank out there. Lowes has competition from Home Depot.

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Lowes will let you have multiple addresses and Phone numbers on your online account. I had one with my Google Voice (VOIP) number. When I tried to change the number to my RW number, it rejected it. So I added a 2nd address to the account and put the RW phone into that address, and it accepted it on the additional address, but not the first. So now the two numbers on the account are both VOIP numbers.

If you can’t get the Lowes system to accept your RW number, you might ask a friend if you could “borrow” his number to sign up the account. Then log in and add your RW number to a second address.

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