Invalid SIM Card during re-activation

With G4+ (GSM), switching phone user/number under same account. Phone was mine but I switched to X Pure (CDMA) with no problem. Now switching someone on my account from an X2 (1.0) to the factory reset G4+. Keep getting Invalid SIM Card error during RW activation on the G4+. Of note, have wifi but no cell reception at home. Do I simply need cell reception to get passed this or is the original SIM card in the G4+ only usable for original user?

The G4+ SIM card…once deactivated, cannot be reactivated…you will need to get a new SIM card

This is noted in item 4 of this document

Cancel My Republic Service

Screen cap of that

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Also note that a CDMA 3.0 phone is deactivated Republic will only be able to reactivate as a GSM phone (with a new BYOD GSM SIM of course) at this time (until Republic is able to offer a CDMA BYOD if ever)

Thanks @drm186 and @amitl. I wasn’t canceling, but switching phone numbers. Nevertheless based on this info it looks like I probably will need a new SIM card. The Invalid SIM CARD message during activation directed me to open the support chat, but it apparently created a help ticket (#1079712). The helper assigned, Jim, asked for my IMEI. I supplied it this morning, but haven’t heard back since. If I need a new SIM card, should this be handled through the support ticket process? I would like to get this resolved ASAP.

I have alerted Republic support to take a look at your ticket. In the absence of ticket, I would have advised you to go ahead and order a SIM card, but since you have a ticket open, I would recommend you follow the instructions you receive on the ticket to avoid duplicate channels of debugging.

Thanks! Can I get the RW SIM starter kit through Amazon? Would that work in this scenario?

Should arrive sooner with no shipping from Amazon.

It used to be free shipping for Prime members…but they have recently changed it to and “Add-on” item…which means you can only buy it with another qualifying purchase of $25 or greater. ($35 order minimum still applies for free shipping if you are not a prime member)

I need to order other things so it should work out on shipping and hopefully quick delivery. As long as it doesn’t matter where I order I will go ahead with Amazon to get it on Saturday. Thanks for your help!

Yes, the SIM card sold by RW and Amazon is the exact same SIM card.

Just to followup, my new RW SIM card from Amazon arrived today. With this new SIM card now installed in my factory reset G4+, it allowed me to complete the RW re-activation. All is good.

Interestingly, we now have a G4+ 3.0 GSM and a Pure 3.0 CDMA for somewhat direct comparison. And we live in what is deemed by RW as a CDMA-only area in 03766. I got the G4+ GSM before CDMA was even an option, but have been happy with the cell reception. We’ll see now if my Pure CDMA is a clear improvement.

Good to hear you are up and running. It will indeed be interesting to see a real world example of 3.0 CDMA and GSM running side by side to see what kind of coverage you experience. Do keep us posted.

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