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Issue Description

I installed a new CDMA SIM in my wife’s phone.
It activated fine.

Two days later when battery went dead in 9 hours (strange) it now says Invalid SIM card despite showing the correct phone number.

I’m waiting for the battery to charge to do the Moto updates. Then I’ll do the PRL refresh.
But why does the RW app tell me I need to buy a RW SIM card when one is installed.

Now under SIM Status it says “Network Unknown” and it is not recognizing the phone number it did 5 minutes ago? And it was showing Network “Republic” and it has been flashing Republic and Unknown

I’m beginning to think the NEW CDMA SIM card is defective?

I’ll keep fighting with it to get the Moto updates installed at least.


Probably not.

The experience is consistent with an E4’s need to get its operating system up to date as we discussed elsewhere earlier today. Doing the PRL update after that cannot hurt, however, it’s far more likely the phone’s software rather than the PRL that needs to be updated.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t an uncommon issue with the E4. The good news is once the phone’s software is up to date, we’re seeing it properly prompt for future updates (by design one isn’t supposed to need to do this manually) and the problem does not reoccur.


Hi @johna.maine,

What you’re describing very much matches the symptoms of the issue described in the article @rolandh shared with you earlier today.

If the battery went dead more quickly than usual, I’d suspect the phone was in outside the range of cellular coverage and was working to try to find connectivity. That’s something a CDMA-outfitted phone will do, and it will drain the battery significantly.

The E4, prior to the updates you’re going to do, had an issue that happened (get this) when the phone spent quality time outside of range of cellular coverage, where it flat-out forgets how to read a SIM card. The updates you’re doing resolve that issue.

You might want to think about where your wife was on the day that the battery went dead quickly, and investigate the coverage there. If it’s somewhere she frequently goes, a CDMA SIM card may not provide the best coverage experience for her.

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Thank you, I’m doing the updates and we’ll see how that helps.

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Thank you. I’ll see how it does after all the updates.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Seems to be working properly now!

RW should provide detailed instructions for these fixes with all new phone purchases that need the fixes.


Hi @johna.maine,

I’m glad things are working for you and your wife again!

My understanding is that we do send out an E-mail with these instructions to members who bought the Moto E4 from us. I’ll look in on whether that E-mail could be dispatched to those who activate a Moto E4.


All I got with the E4 we bought from RW was the instructions on how to INSTALL the SIM into the slot in the phone. Nothing about updating. But maybe that is because we bought them a few months ago as GSM and were changing them to CDMA at this time? I don’t recall seeing instructions to update when we bought them but there could have been some.

Thanks again. The community is great.

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