Invalid sim response


Hi I’m trying to download the republic app onto my Galaxy J3 samsung phone but it’s saying that the sim card is invalid. It’s a republic sim card so I don’t understand the problem.


Hi @josephb.lh0xty!

Have you tried reseating the SIM card to make sure it is inserted correctly? Is the phone itself giving you that message or the Republic App? Additionally, is this a new SIM? You may want to take a look at this thread: Invalid sim card error message? .



If the J3 was not purchased from R.W, is it the correct model and build number supported on R.W Supported phones ?

For the Samsung Galaxy J3

  • NMF26X.J320AUEU2BQJ4
  • MMB29K.J320AUEU2AQB1
  • MMB29K.J320AUES2APJ2
  • MMB29K.J320AUEU1APE9

Please note: The AT&T branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service.