Invalid Wireless number (as secondary number for ISP)

I just tried to verify my republic wireless number as a secondary phone for the account management for my ISP account.

I am not able to verify it to receive texts for forgotten user id and/or password, as it tells me that it is an “Invalid Wireless Number.”

Hi @Graammm,

Indeed your Republic number is not “wireless”. It would best be described as mobile VoIP. Context follows:

Republic numbers are classified as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Republic’s use of VoIP is part of the nature of its’ blended WiFi/cell service. According to the FCC, VoIP numbers are landlines (wireline is the more correct industry term). There is nothing Republic can do to change this regulatory classification.

Your Republic number is fully capable of receiving both calls and text messages. Regrettably, some service providers refuse to recognize this. Republic cannot control the policy decisions of others.

Sadly, it would seem your ISP has yet to join the rest of us in the 21st century. You might try contacting their support and ask that they whitelist your Republic number.


Thanks for the explanation. I will see how far I can get with AT&T. I’m not holding my breath, considering the brick walls i usually encounter with scriptrd “help”…

After five phone calls to AT&T I have decided it is not worth the gray hairs to try to get them to fix this issue so that my wireless number will be recognized as a wireless number. This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had with trying to deal with a computer that is trying to screen calls and direct you to the appropriate people

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