Ipass is this a rw app

is this something we download to phone or is this already in rw app Ipass I,m asking about just read about this no nothing about it

Hi @queenyq ,

There is no ipass app associated with Republic Wireless.

Can you provide a link to the ipass app you are referring to?

Hi @queenyq!

Are you referring to Republic’s previous partnership with iPass for free WiFi hotspots? If so, Republic no longer offers free WiFi hotspots with iPass. See this helpful blog post that explains why they removed this feature: https://pwk.republicwireless.com/removing-republic-verified-wifi-hotspots/

I hope that helps!

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Wasn’t that the new service that rw canceled shortly after deployment? I still miss it!

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I have updated my post above with a link to a blog article you may want to read.

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