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Note that i have an iphone 8 and call although voice mail does not work. Solved that by using the Free Google Voice. I also receive my voice mail in my email transcribed.

Hi William, I’m afraid that using an iPhone with Republic is against the Terms of Service and grounds for termination of your account. As you’ve now outed yourself publicly I would suggest moving your service to an allowable phone ( Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help) or to a carrier that will allow you to use your iPhone.

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Hi. I have read that Republic Wireless doesn’t “support” the iphone,
but, never read anything that says they will terminate my account
because using the phone is against terms of service. If so, can you
point me to this part of the service agreement? Truthfully, why would
Republic Wireless care which pone I use. Furthermore, I bought a Moto
E4 from Republic, but, switched the SIM card. Probably will switch
back again later today, although, if I didn’t would Republic Wireless
really terminate. I’ve been using the iphone this way for 3 months,
ever since I received one from the VA Hines Blind Center, Chicago.
Call me curious!

When you use an unsupported phone instead of using Republic’s infrastructure you’re using the underlying carrier infrastructure. That costs Republic money and is considered abuse under the general abuse portion of the TOS.

Republic, when it detects the usage of the underlying carrier infrastructure will usually provide a warning to switch back to a supported device before any action towards termination is taken.

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just to point out where it’s stated in the TOS (term and conditions)
section 19 (a)

All use of the Republic Wireless Services must comply with Republic Wireless’ Acceptable Use Policy, which is posted at Acceptable Use Policy | Republic Wireless, and is incorporated herein by reference. By using the Republic Wireless Services, You agree to comply with the AUP, as modified by Republic Wireless from time to time in Republic Wireless’ sole discretion

section 2.21 of the Acceptable Use Policy

using the Services with a mobile device that is not supported by Republic Wireless


Hi. Thanks. I have no bones with Republic Wireless. Their basic plan
is exactly what I need, switching the entire family over from Verizon.
Before you wrote the latest note, I went to the website and read the
same line on the TOS/AUP. Kissed off an hour. The claim should be in
big bold letters on the front page of their website! Hidden in a AUP
ain’t helpful!

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