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I’ve been with Republic since 2014 and am fairly tech-savvy and persistent without being a true phone expert of any sort, and I’ve long prioritized Republic’s ethic over my preference for the Apple products I use for most of my work. I’ve tried a couple times to get into the iphone beta via the waitlist, but apparently without success.

Today, though, I found a post from sarah.k in April that suggested motivated new iphone beta users remain welcome, and my current phone is on its last legs. Is there any way I might be able to join the iphone beta soon?

Thanks and happy 4th, all.

Hi @e_jh and welcome to the Community!

What you ask may be possible, however, have you checked the caveats involved with Republic’s iPhone beta mentioned here: Republic Wireless announces a limited-participant iPhone Beta

In particular, I’d like to call to your attention the lack of WiFi calling and the availability of only one plan. If you’re amenable to the caveats, the next logical step would be to confirm adequate cellular coverage since there is currently no WiFi calling for the iPhone beta. To that end, if comfortable sharing, may we know your zip code (nothing more)?

Since it appears you’ve been perusing posts in the iPhone beta section, you’re probably aware I’m a beta participant.


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