Iphone beta plan cost three times more than current bill

I have a Moto X 2013 on Republic Wireless. My monthly bill usually comes to $13. My Moto X is aging, so I got a used iPhone. I have just found out that Republic Wireless only offers a $40 8GB data plan for iPhone beta. I find it hard to stomach paying three times more per month for unused data.
Why is the bill three times more expensive? Why not offer a lower cost and lower data plan for the iPhone beta as an option? Why not beta test how the iPhone experience is for low data users?

Hi @alepine,

For what it’s worth, I’m an iPhone beta participant. Currently, the beta is closed (invitation only). It’s not an open beta available for anyone willing to sign up though that may be a future possibility before Republic makes a decision on general availability.

Also, for what it’s worth, generally iPhone users are online more than Android users and are, therefore, more likely to use higher amounts of cell data. Of course, that’s not the case for all iPhone users and requests have already been made within the current beta group for additional plan options.

Candidly, I think part of the rationale behind the beta is observing just how much cell data beta participants use as a group. I’m hopeful this information will allow Republic to determine what the best plan options (and the cost for those) would be.

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I am on the wait list and the beta is probably accepting new participants soon.

Does the iPhone cause heavy data usage or do heavy data users select iPhone?

Offering an expensive, data heavy plan will incentivize heavy data users to join the beta and have the opposite effect on low data users. The selection bias will lead to results skewed to heavy data usage.

Do you have any insight into the next round of iPhone beta having low data plans? I could not find any reference to this on the iPhone beta community section.

Hi @alepine,

The iPhone will use more data than an Android phone, particularly with use of iMessage, which is one of iPhone’s most popular features.

We do not have any immediate plan to change the price structure, and no announcements about changes have been made.

We appreciate your feedback. As @rolandh mentioned, we’ve had other requests for smaller iPhone plan options.

We understand that having an 8 GB plan is going to encourage people to try to use 8GB and that we mustn’t then conclude that “iPhone users want 8 GB of data!” Feedback such as yours helps us balance the data we’re gathering from the Beta test with the desires of those who have not yet been able to join.

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