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Texting/messaging works swell, but I cannot get my university’s DUO notifications to come by either text or phone call. The push notifications to the DUO app work. I don’t have any information on how they do that on their end. I just know I can only use two stage authentication with DUO using the passcode or push notifications. I don’t know why the phone call or texting won’t work.
I also don’t know how to post to the IPhone Beta specific group.

Hi @itsdean,

I moved your question into the iPhone Beta category.

Was DUO working for you before you became an iPhone beta participant?

Yes, DUO was working on my MotoX previously.

Hi @itsdean,

To be certain we’re on the same page; is the Duo in question, Google’s Duo video chat app, the Duo Mobile security app or something else?

Its the Duo mobile security app

Hi @itsdean,

Thank you for the additional context! As I’m not a Duo user, might I trouble you for a bit more?

I use Authy for two-factor authentication purposes. Generally, I do so because use of an authentication app is more secure than receiving codes over the phone or via text message. Are these methods intended as backups? Or, is there another reason your university would send codes via call or text rather than via the app?

Also, did you previously identify your phone number as being with Republic Wireless when using Duo on your Moto X?

The Moto x was on the same republic number which is not the IPhone. I also prefer the security app but as there are other services that may text or phone a passcode I want it to work. For instance, if I need to reset my bank password, they will text or call, so it would be nice if this would work.

Hi @itsdean,

I’m uncertain I’m understanding correctly. How is the Duo app involved with these other codes? For example, wouldn’t you just provide your bank with your phone number and authorize them to call or text codes to you? Continuing with your bank as an example, do they ask that you identify who your service provider is?

The app works fine, its the texting and calling that doesn’t. Let’s forget the other examples, that is a red herring. Please just tell me why the university can’t text or call to authentiate my identity please.

Hi @itsdean,

Candidly, I don’t know. Have you asked them? If so, what have they told you? For what it’s worth, you’ve yet to answer my question as to whether you’ve specifically told your university if your number is with Republic Wireless. It’s kind of a long story but if so, try telling them it’s a T-Mobile number. Unlike Republic’s Android service, Republic’s iPhone numbers are housed on T-Mobile’s network.

Hi @itsdean,

It might be easier for us to help you with this if you kind of give us a play-by-play of what steps you’re taking and where in the process the failure happens.

Are you using the “call me” function in the Duo app to try to authenticate? How do you have your phone number identified? (Landline, mobile?) Do you get any kind of error code?

Have you tried contacting your university IT department for assistance?

I was on a landline phone with my IT department and they ‘sent’ a text and tried to use a phone call and I did not get either. I did not tell them it was a t-mobile number. I did mention that I was on Republic Wireless. That seemed to make no impact on them. Are you then telling me that if any service wants to text or call me for authentication, I should make sure they know its a RW phone using a t-mobile number? I will do this the next time I have such a failure.
Thank you,


Hi @itsdean,

No. Since I don’t understand the scenario at all, I’m certainly not telling you this. I was looking online at Duo documentation which describing needing to indicate whether the number you were authenticating with was a landline or mobile number before using the “call me” option, but what I was looking at doesn’t seem to match what you are describing.

It’s very difficult to imagine why neither a call nor a text from the IT team would fail to reach you, especially not knowing whether they were using some sort of automated service or manually calling you with their own phone. It’s possible there’s a routing issue. It’s also possible the number they were calling or texting was incorrect.

No, the number is correct and it worked on my RW Moto phone, same number.

But if you don’t know why it’s different on the iPhone, that’s fine. I’ll drop it.

Hi @itsdean,

I don’t know of any reason why the IT team would not be able to send a text message or call to your iPhone, especially not with the information available here. There is nothing complicated about how our numbers are assigned to iPhones - it’s far more straightforward than the hybrid service we offer for Android.

If they were calling or texting from a university phone, I would most definitely want to see if you can receive calls or texts from other phones on the same exchange. (Same area code and next three digits of the phone number.) If not, there may be a routing issue that needs to be taken care of.

If there’s any other service you could use to test text message receipt, I think the time to do it is now, while you’re thinking about this, rather than in the moment when you actually needed it. Have you ever set up 2FA for Amazon? That might be a good test for you.

I will try Amazon and other texts from the university and let you know. Thanks

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I tried the amazon 2fa and did not get the phone call or text message. I tried three times and no call or text came in. I can use my office phone to all my cell successfully, I don’t know of any other way to test the texting from a university device.

Thanks for the additional testing, @itsdean!

@rolandh are you able to get Amazon 2FA texts on your iPhone?
Did you, like @itsdean, move a RW phone number to the iPhone?

I did not move an RW number to the iPhone I’m using for beta testing. I brought the number from T-Mobile proper.

That said, I do appear to be sharing @itsdean’s experience with Amazon and as a further test with Best Buy. Both Amazon and Best Buy codes sent to my Pixel 2 XL on Republic reach the phone. Codes sent from neither Amazon or Best Buy are reaching the iPhone.

It does appear we may have a bug. I have another household phone whose number is on T-Mobile’s network but not Republic. Let me see what happens with that.

Edited to Add:

Codes from both Amazon and Best Buy reach a non-Republic phone on T-Mobile’s network via another MVNO.

Two-way SMS between the iPhone participating in Republic’s beta and both that non-Republic phone on T-Mobile’s network as well as the RW activated Pixel 4 XL works as expected.

Both Amazon and Best Buy use short codes to send their 2FA codes, so one possibility is short code messaging is blocked. I have, however, recently (2/17/20) received a short code message sent by Republic from short code 6709.

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