IPHONE SE and unlimited Republic

Is there a way to use a. Unlocked iPhone SE and get unlimited data through Republic on the Tmobile network, what would the data plan cost?

The only way is to use the RW data only sim option as the iPhone is not supported on any of the republic phone packages currently available.


If youre asking about phone plans, There is no unlimited data plan for a smartphone plan offered by Republic Wireless. The My Choice Plan is $15 for Unlimited Talk/Text, and Mobile data cost is $5 per 1GB and there is no data rollover. When you run out of data, you have no mobile data connection, but you can buy 1GB for $5 at any time.
iphones are not supported.
Only select North American Factory Unlocked Android phones are supported.
See Supported Phones.

If you are looking to turn most any GSM smartphone in to a mobile hotspot device, (no phone plan) Republic recently is testing a “Data only SIM”.
More info here: https://pwk.republicwireless.com/republic-wireless-unlimited-data-only-sim/

Hi @vernw,

Please do note Republic’s data only SIM is exactly that data only. I have tested one and it does work in an iPhone for data. Republic is unable to offer phone service to an iPhone.


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