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I know I have been trying WAYYYY too hard to try to get Iphones in Republic. But if Republic works with T-mobile and Sprint (Who Support Iphones), why can’t Republic use it? Other networks that are on At&t, T-mobile, Sprint. and Verizon support them. Is it because the way they use both Wifi, and Cellular? Well Iphones have that setting too. Republic could pull it off, I would wait a year if they would get support them. Maybe for them to get users to join Republic after they support them, they could have a GB free of Data for a year. They have an opportunity, and they could take it. I hope that they could pull it off, and if they do, I will DEFINITELY buy an Iphone.


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Never say never
Republic CEO recently hinted an iPhone may be coming to Republic in 2018,
Republic WiFi/cell network works differently that the way apple WiFi calling works on other networks, Republic needs access to core API’s that Apple has not published [and may not exist in current iOS], the main reason we have unlocked Android phones now is Google published these API’s [mainly for their own Project fi] and Republic no longer has to develop them and have the OEM put them in the build like with the legacy phones


I believe the CEO made the iPhone statement in this interview http://mashable.com/2017/12/08/republic-wireless-mashtalk/#eLLUHCnW4OqU



A recent Mashable podcast indicated RW would likely offer an iPhone sometime in 2018. Hopefully RW will eventually open things up to unlocked iPhones as well. http://mashable.com/2017/12/08/republic-wireless-mashtalk/



Good thing to know. Hopefully though, its not only 1 Iphone in all of 2018. I’d imagine it being either the 6s, and 6s plus, the SE (because it is the cheapest apple device), or the 7 and 7 plus. Those are the ones that are not too new, and not too old. They would be perfect. But wait, if one works, what would happen if you pop the sim into the other one? Would it register it, or would it not?



Not likely unless on a RW compatible phone list.

It’s been tried with the 3.0 & 4.0 plans and doesn’t work.



Yes, it is. Republic’s service blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of Bandwidth.com with the network of one of two cellular partners. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. This blending is implemented through and managed by the Republic app. That app is currently Android only.

You are quite correct in that iPhones are capable of WiFi calling over a cellular carrier’s network. They are not, however, capable of blending two separate networks (one VoIP, one cellular). There is no setting for this. It’s accomplished by the Republic app.

Perhaps, but it would require porting the currently Android only Republic app to iOS. Please understand this is much easier said than done and requires cooperation from Apple. Apple would have to make necessary application programming interfaces (APIs) available. To date, this has not happened. It may well happen one day but today is not that day.

I see no reason why Republic would need to do so. The day Republic is able to support iPhones, plenty of folks will want to use one on Republic, no extra incentive required.

The folks running Republic know iPhone support would be a significant market opportunity. The moment technical hurdles can be overcome, I’m quite confident Republic would support iPhones. Smart businesses don’t leave money on the table.



For the most part, if you can support one iPhone model, you can support them all. The iOS ecosystem is different than Android. There’s one manufacturer (Apple) that has complete control of the operating system. The most recent version of iOS (iOS 11) supports iPhones released as far back as 2013.

iOS 11 is currently installed on 60% of all iOS devices out there. Compare that with Android 8 (Oreo)'s current adoption rate of 0.5%. Worse estimates for Oreo’s ultimate adoption rate ceiling are as low as 33%. Fragmentation is not an imaginary Android issue and it is one iOS does not suffer from.

Bottom line, should one day Republic be able to support iPhones, those supported will likely be determined by whether they’re capable of running the minimum version of iOS required (whatever that turns out to be).



It is much easier said than done, and I should probably be more realistic, and be happy with any Iphone Republic will support. But Republic might surprise us, and have all IOS 11 and up devices have service. I know tons of families that pay tons for data, and would want to switch.

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Hey @ZackAttack,

I have both Androids and iPhones in the household. I’d love to be able to move the iPhones to Republic, I just try to be realistic as to what it will take. :slightly_smiling_face:

I suggest keeping an eye on Republic Anywhere as it may be the precursor for eventual Republic iPhone support. For now using our Republic numbers on iOS via Anywhere still requires a Republic Android phone and is limited to messaging but Anywhere calling for iOS is coming. It’s not yet what you’re looking for but it’s a step in the right direction.

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Just because something (might be) possible doesn’t mean it should be pursued. Republic should take pride n being an “Apple-free zone”. Not to mention that adding a completely different operating system to the mix will make support twice as complex, both at the consumer end as well as, most likely, the back end systems.



I’ll preface this with I don’t intend to be argumentative, however, Republic really isn’t an “Apple-free zone” any longer. Republic Anywhere works on both macOS and iOS. Mr Chuang is on the record in a Mashable podcast that something iPhone-centric is on the way for 2018: http://mashable.com/2017/12/08/republic-wireless-mashtalk/#o_h80GUJoOqd.

Perhaps, perhaps not? My personal speculation is eventual iPhone support will evolve from Anywhere rather than a port of the Republic Wireless app. Additionally, for phone as opposed to service related issues, Apple customers would tend to use Apple support rather than carrier support. In some ways, it might be the best of both worlds in that theoretical Republic iPhone customers would be able to access device support in person at an Apple store.

My apologies if I’m the bearer of unwelcome news.



I’d be fine using a motorola, or a samsung, but I still prefer IOS devices. My reason: IOS. Ios is a unique operating System, but android is on about every other device. Iphones have great features, but I’d still like to use a motorola.



Are you suggesting putting iOS on Motorola phones?

iOS is Apple exclusive and they’re not going to allow it on other hardware.



Not putting IOS on Motorola phones, or else about everything I own would have IOS on it. What I meant was I’ll be fine with a motorola phone on android, but I would rather have an Iphone.



Stay tuned! We should see something later this year running IOS on Republic (per Republic’s CEO).

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