I want republic wireless to carry iphones



So do several others. Perhaps they will some day but that will take a LOT of development since they presently work with Android and not IOS.



There’s a lot of things I want Republic to do, too. That said…

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unfortunately there are other companies out there that offer similar pricing and services that do offer iPhone or accept you to bring an iPhone over. I am in the same boat I like republic have had great service but would much rather use iPhone than Android and the only option i have found so far is to go with Ting.com



Hi @jonathanm.c2d4mr,

I use both Android and iOS (iPhone). I, too, wish it were possible to use my iPhone with Republic, however, I understand the current technical limitations.

Republic isn’t a traditional mobile service provider. It’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service relies on the Republic app. Today, the Republic app is Android only. In part, this is due to the relatively open nature of the Android operating system as opposed to iOS. The reality is Apple has yet to make the needed application programming interfaces (APIs) available to allow Republic to bring its app to iOS. Things change and, in my opinion, Apple opens iOS a bit more with each annual update. iOS 10 introduced CallKit, which I think brings us closer to the day we might see Republic on iOS. iOS 11 recently introduced alongside the iPhone X and iPhone 8s may or may not have sufficiently enhanced CallKit to allow Republic to port its app to iOS. Candidly, it’s too soon to tell.

The above said, if your preference for iOS over Android is sufficient to make you look elsewhere and Sprint’s network has good coverage where you’re at, you might look at Virgin Mobile. Virgin has recently gone in the opposite direction abandoning Android in favor of only iPhones. They have a very attractive introductory offer. Depending on one’s cell data needs their pricing may not seem as attractive after the introductory period. Ting’s a quality operator but hardly the only option out there for iPhones.

Please know that if the day arrives Republic is able to support iPhones or Android becomes a more attractive option to you, Republic will be happy to welcome you back.

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