Is 32 GB enough internal storage these days?

Just wondering. I know you can add an SD card to the Moto X4, for instance. But I understand that you may not be able to move APPS and their data (even third-party apps) to an SD card.

I see a few posts around the web indicating that the X4’s system may use almost HALF of the 32 GB storage. So that leaves only 16GB storage available to us users. That’s not much of an upgrade from my MotoX1, which left me with about 11 GB of usable space. Getting + 5GB space four years later.

I’m fine with storing photos and other media on an SD card, but adding apps leaves me wondering.

So, thoughts on 32 GB storage? Will it be enough for an “average” user if I keep photos and other media off the phone or on the SD card?

I see other phones for 64 and more GB and it makes me worry if I’ll be sorry about having only 32GB storage on a MotoX4 in a year.

The X4 definitely has a high default to total space ratio… when I activated mine yesterday I was shocked to see 17GB already used. I believe the system was listed as 13GB…but I couldn’t fully account for the remaining 4GB as there isn’t that much stuff on the phone from the other apps that were installed.

Camera is slightly better than the G5+…but otherwise… G5+ 64GB version sounds like a better choice than the X4

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After doing some research today on the X4 it seems that half or more of the 32GB is taken up with built in APPS. Don’t know why the originally proposed 64GB did not come to fruition :roll_eyes:

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Do you have both phones-- G5 Plus and X4? And you’d prefer the G5Plus?

How about external speaker quality on G5Plus? And lack of NFC? Are those issues important to you or no? Just gathering opinions!

Yes, I do have both phones.

The G5+ was activated a few months ago…and so far has worked very well for us.
We usually bluetooth it over to a bluetooth speaker…so haven’t experienced the external speaker as much. For phone calls and as such, it is adequate. We don’t use Android Pay so lack of NFC doesn’t bother us.

The X4 was just activated last night. So not enough history on that one yet. But I can see the storage becoming an issue. I had hoped for the 64GB version so was disappointed to see it not being offered.

I also have a Moto X Pure and that feels better than either of these two (especially camera), even though it is stuck on Marshmallow and battery life is starting to show some age.


I have 179 apps on my phone, with all media going to the USB card and I still have over 10gb free.

The 64gb and 4gb memory, like the g5+, is overseas at the moment with a RUMOR of a US release end of December. Believe it when you see it though as this isn’t official from Motorola. The 64gb is overseas though as I have read reviews of it.

I don’t have an X4, but in the family we have both an X Pure and G5+. You’re saying that you think the X Pure camera is better than the G5+? That’s the exact opposite of my experience. The X Pure Camera was just mediocre from the start and I find the G5+ camera superior in every single way. Given that the G5+ has the same sensor as the Galaxy S7, which was one of the highest rated cameras of its generation, and the X Pure was always dinged for its weak camera quality, I’m curious if perhaps you have some kind of issue with the G5+.

Thanks for that info…will review the G5+ and see if it is a setting issue. I meant to update this post with photos taken from three cameras and posting them side-by-side for comparison…will try to do that this weekend.

At least my Moto X Pure outperforms the G5+.
a) Low lights colors are better reproduced than the G5+. The G5+ seems to artificially enhance the
brightness which gives a vibrant but unreal image.
b) This one is more on the camera interface…but I prefer the MXP’s full screen…tap anywhere interface…to the G5+'s significantly reduced field of vision with bulky menu button that eat up good
chunks of the screen.
c) On zooming in MXP images continue to look crisp…compared to level of blur on the G5+

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