Is a google account required to use my new RW Moto Z Play?


Is a google account required to use my new RW Moto Z Play?


Hi @scottp.sm3kxm
This is an answer to take with a grain of salt. Android is a google product & to get updates through the playstore an account is needed. The account probably can be deleted and run the phone but the Email account will have to be reinstalled every time updates are available.
Do what I do! Make a Fake account on the phone & never use the account. Don’t put a Credit card on the account. is free put what you want before the @ sign & make a password. Keep the email and password written down in case it’s needed by google to access the account

Edit: My choice of words Fake Account is not correct. Making an “Unusable non connecting account to a non human” is correct. The results are the same though and you will get updates & security fixes. Unusable accounts continue to receive junk mail & can be set to auto delete after a designated time period.


You can use the phone without a google account but you will have to side-load apps yourself as the Google Play Store requires you to log in.


Hi @Burusutazu
Yes you’re correct but for the hassle of learning where to get the app update & learn to sideload the update is way beyond some people’s comprehension. Not everyone is a techie geek.
A fake google account is probably the easiest solution.


While sideloading apps from sources other than Google Play is indeed an option, picking up on a point made by @bocephous, it would be difficult at best to find a reputable source for the Republic app. Without the Republic app, of course, no Republic service.


I didn’t even consider the Republic app, although there are ways to download apk files directly off the play store that kind of defeats the purpose.


There is no such thing as a fake account. Once you create a Google account, it is attached to you no matter how much you may want to keep it separate. You can maintain two or more separate accounts but Google will quickly “learn” of their existence and the fact they are tied to same user. Not linking a credit card is definitely a smart suggestion!

I do agree, that wanting to stay in the Android universe and work without a Google account is tantamount to a desire to drive blindfolded!


While not truly a fake account, what is to prevent someone from giving Google say less than accurate information? And, how would Google attach that account populated with less than accurate information to someone?

There are those who believe they ought to be able to use Android while maintaining a modicum of privacy. I’m not one who believes I’m of sufficient interest that Google (or anyone else) is tracking my every move, however, I’m not entirely unsympathetic to the desire to maintain one’s privacy.


I’ll have to disagree. One can create an account that is under a false name, with an email address that isn’t used, without the addition of any actual personal information. In this case the tracking would be trove of information about no one. The most that could be done with it is to target ads to this no one. In conjunction with disabling all the optional Google reporting features (such as location history), would make it as fake and private as possible.

All that being said, I will agree, getting a Google Android phone and trying to not use Google is a bit like getting an iPhone and trying to not use Apple or a Camry and trying to not use Toyota. It’s largely a futile effort.


You mean like my secondary Google account without my fully correct information that I have it to those I figured will junk up meet inbox?


I think fake is the wrong term more like dummy
Give false personal information (age, gender)
disable all sync functions with the account only use it for Google Play store, disable most of google other apps (play movies, music, games, books, newsstand, maps, gmail, G plus, photos) and and one will have the basic function of the phone with android

I hate the ideal of sending people to third party app store as a work around for the play store as most are ripe with malware and who knows what someone has add to the APK before posting in those apps stores (the only 3rd party app store I trust is Amazon’s)

If one does do the “dummy” google account I would suggest a regular backup of contacts and photos


Those that are recommending sideloading of apps, I would recommend that you caution the apparent risks of doing so. You are running the risk of downloading from an unknown source.


I’ll add one more thing here. Not having a Google account on an Android phone likely exposes you to far more security risks than Google having your information ever would.


  1. Apps won’t update. Updates not only fix bugs and add features but also patch security issues.
  2. Google has been moving more and more of the OS to updating via the Play Store. Many of these updates are security fixes.
  3. Motorola updates all of its apps through the Play Store, again core phone functionality that would go unpatched.


Also, Google backups are very convenient. A biggie is the contact list. Change phones, input your Google username and password, and your contact list is immediately put on your new phone.

I did a factory reset just yesterday to correct some problems. Afterward, Google put all my apps back on the phone. Effortless.


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