Is a legacy RW Moto X2 still viable on RW?

I was wondering if my wife’s old RW Moto X2 can still be used on the network? I bought my wife an X4 a few years ago for the better camera. The old X2 was fine and just sat in a drawer for a couple years. My daughter is turning 12 and I thought I could give her this phone. I did notice it is not listed on the list of acceptable phones anymore. Oversight, no longer supported? Thanks,

Hi @albertoa,

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You absolutely can reactivate your X2 back on Republic!

This should help you if you want to add the phone under your account:

Or if you want it to be on a new account:

Hope this helps, let us know if you have anymore questions :slight_smile:


Hi @albertoa,

Thanks for asking your question in our Member Community. Could you tell me which list of acceptable phones you’re referencing?

The Moto X2 isn’t considered a “BYOP” phone because you could never “Bring” a Moto X2 unless it was one specifically made for Republic. It is, however, still included on our list of Republic Wireless Phones, in the 1.0 and 2.0 section:


I’m going to be the negative nelly, or maybe pragmatist. The Moto X2 while still viable right now, won’t be for long. T-Mobile is going to be shutting down the Sprint CDMA network which they rely on. We don’t know when exactly, and I’m sure Republic will provide plenty of notice, but I wouldn’t plan on the X2 for the long-term.

Also, many apps, especially banking or financial related, no longer run on Android 5.1, but that might not be an issue for a 12 year old.


Thank you! I followed the instructions for [How to Activate a New Number on an Existing Account with a 1.0 or 2.0 Phone] and it worked perfectly. Thank you. I’ll start our 12 year old-to-be on the basic plan since we don’t go anywhere and she can talk/text her friends all she wants. She can use home wifi for data until this pandemic is over.

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