Is Account Number the same as Mobile Devide ID?

Greetings from Planet 10. I need to know my Republic Wireless ‘Account Number’ - but am not able to find any such reference on any of my documentation. I do, however, see a ‘Mobile Device ID Number’ associated with my service.

Are they the same?

Thank you, and good morning.

Hi @csamuelb.skrgmz and welcome to the Community!

Generally, when inquiring about an account number, it’s because one wishes to transfer their number to another service provider. Presuming that’s the purpose for the inquiry, the account number would not be the Device ID. Rather, the account number would be the 10-digit phone number(s) being transferred without dashes. Republic provides everything one needs to know here:

Of course, Republic will be sorry to see you go and would appreciate the opportunity to address any issues beforehand, if you are so inclined. You might also be interested in this: