Is anyone else here disappointed with the G7?

I recently upgraded from an original Moto G to the new G7. My old faithful G was getting slower and slower, and couldn’t do much more than text and call. I was excited to get my new G7. However, I have been very disappointed in the design of the G7. It is so much bigger than my old phone, so it doesn’t feel as easy to get around on. But worse than that is the fact that the phone is downright slippery. It has slipped out of my hands and it has slipped out of my pockets, multiple times! In fact, today it slipped out of my back pocket once again, and this time my screen cracked. I have only had the phone a total of 22 days. I never needed a case with my old phone. I just think the slippery nature of the G7 is not a good idea at all! Anyone out there with a similar experience?

Hi @jackm.drsgmb,

Welcome to our Member Community, though I’m sorry to see your first post here is for such discouraging news.

The G7 is a larger phone than the original Moto G, that’s definitely true. Screen size seems to favor those who want more room to see and type than those who want one-handed use of the phone.

I carry a Moto G7 Power, and I found it to be slippery, too. In fact, I kept finding it on the floor, where it would end up after slipping right off my desk. Since I work for a cell phone company, I get to test a lot of phones, and I’ve found many of the newer phones to be slippery, not just the G7 family. Because of that, I make it a priority to order a case with some “grip” just as soon as I get a new phone.

I’m very sorry to read that the screen is already cracked on your new phone. I know that’s disappointing. Have you looked into whether the credit card you used to purchase the phone offers any protection for accidental damage?


Yes, the phone I found is slippery. But just 2 days later I bought a case for it (leather) and now it’s like a checkbook/wallet. I love my case. “Moto G7 Case, ICARERCASE Vegan Leather Wallet Case/Flip Case Protective Shock Resistant Case Cover with Credit Card Slots for Motorola Moto G7” (on Amazon.)

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Hi @pauld.3ap0vr,

Thanks for providing a recommendation for a case! You’re welcome to provide a link to the case you bought, to help others find it more easily.

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@pauld.3ap0vr - we can vouch for this style of case too! The wife bought one, same style and same manufacturer, for her G6. The phone has even survived a couple of minor drops with no damage. She also loves the credit car slots. Thanks for sharing your find and experience.


Does your G7 have a payment app that works?

The G7 does not have NFC…so it won’t be able to work with contactless payments such as Google Pay.

In addition to the answer that @amitl provided you, the information provided in Detailed Supported Phone Features may be of interest, it includes all the key things users have frequent questions about:
Screen Size, Phone Size, Sprint SIM Type, SD Card, Removable Batt, Charging Type, NFC, Finger Print Reader, Avail OS Ver and Band 71

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Hello all. I got a G7 for my husband, and it’s a great phone, but the photos he takes with it all have a yellow tint. Is this something in the settings? Or is it something wrong with the phone? Please help! Thanks.

Did the photos always appear this way from day one or did that happen somewhere along the way.

When you send a photo to someone else…does it also look yellow on the receiver’s phone? That may help you narrow down if there is an issue with the camera…or the photo rendering on the phone.

I will never buy another Motorola product. The last 2 have been nothing but problems. Hi Samsung for here on.

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I bought a G7 recently and just as you did, found it to be slippery and too big to use with one hand. The first thing I did was buy a case, but that made the phone too large and heavy. While not the best camera, it was adequate. I returned the G7 for a refund after a little over a week and got a Pixel 3a. It is a great little phone, but can be hard to read because of the smaller screen size so if I am reading a book I use my old G5 and use the wifi.

We’ve had the MotoG7 for a couple of months. Got a case for it & haven’t found it slippery. However, sometimes when I’m using it, it just shuts off. Also, once it simply wouldn’t respond nor open up. I powered it off & restarted it & it’s been fine since then. Not sure if the phone is defective? It’s possible I’ve accidentally hit something to cause it to shut down but when it refused to open…I wasn’t having a problem. The other quirk is when I make a phone call, there are a few seconds where I can’t hear who I’ve called but they can hear me. I’ve had people hang up on me because they think it’s a bad connection & it is but just for a very short time. The earlier MotoG3 didn’t give us any problems except near the end when it was very slow. to respond.

I got the G7 after my Z3 Play wouldn’t come back from a drop. While this phone is smaller than the Z3 it is a little bigger than I would prefer, but that’s the still these days.

It is a bit slick. Haven’t thought about a case yet. Maybe I will.

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