Is anyone else's Google Now acting up?

My Google Now Launcher started acting up earlier this week. It’s like it got updated (but the last update was in 2017). The whole layout changed and it randomly disappears until I reboot my phone. Has anyone else experienced this? It couldn’t have been anything Google pushed since they essentially killed Google Now…or could it…

Fixed it! Had to delete all the data from the Google App and then open the Google App again. Just be warned that you will lose your home screen and you will have to reorganize it.


Well, the dreaded Google feed came back within a few days of me doing that. What really fixes it (for anyone wanting to revert back to Google Now), is uninstalling all the Google App updates and disabling the “Auto Update” option for the Google App in the Play store.

idk but this am
during an update (apps, 4 of them)
i found my launcher had changed to

did not even have it installed
and none of the app updates was nova launcher

That’s strange. So did you even have a launcher if it switched to one you didn’t have? I have always used the Google Now launcher.

it’s is a nexus 6p so yes google now launcher.
don’t know were nova came from but not only that one but 2 other phones did the same thing
none of my phone had nova launcher install

wondering if maybe google now owns nova launcher and going to use it as a replacement for google now…

would not be the 1st time a company or software got bought up…


Are you sure you’re running the Google Now Launcher? I was under the impression that it hasn’t been updated in a year and was replaced by the Oreo Launcher on the the Nexus 6P.

google now launcher show installed

but when I tap on it, it shows the following:

! Your device isn’t compatible with this version…

looking in the setting/app it show that google now launcher is installed and running

and system update
shows 8.1.0 security patch july 5 2018

so to sum it up. phone up to date but running a non compatible launcher…
talk about being a messed up system,

When you look at changing the launcher what Launchers are showing available?

google now launcher

only one there

I will note I never seen a OS update replace the launcher that came with the phone even after the OEM/Google started using another launcher as default

the 3 phones that did the nova launcher thing this AM
was 2 nexus 6p and 1 nexus 5x

all google phones…

went in and was able to uninstall the nova and it reverted back to google now

I did see that one of the updated apps this AM was GOOGLE app


Far as I know, Google Now is depreciated and replaced by Google Feed.
On Nexus phones, I could not stand the Google Now Launcher, and I do not want the Feed thing to show up when I swipe the screen.
I installed Lawnchair launcher, which is near identical to the Pixel launcher, bur more customizable.
There also is a direct Port of the Android P Launcher I have tried as well.

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