Is anyone experiencing horrible call quality with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?


My daughter’s phone has had horrible call quality for the past 6 weeks. Doesn’t matter if I call her from a land line or cell phone or if she initiates the call. I cannot hear her at all above the scratching noise. Any suggestions? This phone was WAY too expensive to have this type of problem. Thanks for any help!


I don’t have the S7 Edge but the call quality on my S7 is exceptionally good. Call quality can suffer immensely when a person is outdoors in the wind. Wind noise occurs when the wind blows across the microphone and is extremely irritating. If she is usually outside when this is happening it might be what is causing the problem and very easy to determine with a few calls placed when indoors in a quiet place. If this isn’t the cause then the phone probably has a bad microphone. In that case a service ticket is appropriate if you bought the phone from RW or contacting Samsung for a replacement is in order.

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Yes! I have an S7 edge and I have the exact same problem. It has nothing to do with wind, this occurs indoors. It’s unrelated to my local internet usage, because I can switch to Skype and Skype works perfectly over the same internet connection.

I’ve tried using different bluetooth headsets with no improvement. Not using the headset makes no difference. The call quality has gotten so bad I’ve had to pay for a Skype number ($70/year) so that I can continue to work from home. I paid a lot of money for this phone and expect it to work flawlessly. The fact that it doesn’t is very frustrating.


I went to submit a ticket and was guided to the “Refreshing the Republic Wireless Activation” procedure. Also called “performing a VOIP.” You dial *# *# 8647 #* #* and it resets something. We’ll see how it goes.