Is BYOP Republic Wireless compatible with Galaxy S8/S8+?



is Republic Wireless compatible with Galaxy S8/S8+? The S8/S8+ isn’t shown on the RW site as a compatible device but I’ve seen it listed elsewhere.


Hi @erinr.1ntl7b,

I’m afraid not at this time. Currently compatible phones are listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

May I ask where elsewhere, you’ve seen the S8s listed as being compatible? I’d very much like it to be true and it seems logical the day will come, however, today is not that day.


Since I’ve seen other sites post that the BYOP plans are compatible with the S8, there’s no way to get a sim card to work with it?


I’m sorry to say there is no way to activate a Republic SIM in Samsung’s Galaxy S8 until such time as Republic announces support.

BB as in BestBuy? Would you mind pointing to a specific link? In the specs for the S8, I see AT&T, Consumer Cellular, Cricket, H2O Wireless, Net10, Simple Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, TRACFONE, Total Wireless, US Cellular, and Verizon but not Republic listed as being compatible.


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