Is charging port covered under warranty?

I ordered a Moto E 2nd Gen Phone in July of 2016 and a couple weeks ago, the phone charging port is beginning to break. It now must be plugged in at a particular angle in order to charge. It hasn’t gotten worse yet, but it is annoying enough (sometimes it slips overnight and doesn’t charge, can’t charge it in the car 'cause it moves around too much… etc.). Is this covered under warranty? What is the warranty process? Do I have to send this phone in to get checked out?


Believe it or not the cable may be the problem. The cable has 2 little tabs or hard wires on the side of the cable connector and as they wear and push into the cable connector end, they make the cable loose and sloppy. See if you can borrow another cable from a friend or neighbor and try it. If it is tighter and charging I would look on Amazon for a new charge/data cable or stop at a local store and buy one. I have replaced many cables over the years. It just wears out first.

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At least two cords act the same way – the one that came with it, and another one I have for the car. I have one more that’s the same I use for my camera, and it has the same results… the phone has to be in a particular angle in order to charge.

You can work with Motorola. Once they receive your phone they will study it and determine if the jack has failed or if it has been abused. If it has failed under normal use it will be covered by your 1-year warranty if that is still in effect. If not, you will be charged for the repair.

Service and Repair - Moto E

Thank you, what is that process like? Where do I send the phone, and am I phone-less for the duration of their assessment? How long is that process?


The document provided by billg outlines the process and has the links to do a chat with Motorola mobility in the repair contact section.

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There is a way to arrange for service at that link I posted.

Motorola offers 2 services. In one service they put the value of the repair on hold on your credit card and send you a phone. When you receive that phone you activate it as a replacement for the broken phone, factory reset the broken phone with the broken jack, and ship that back to them using the prepaid label they provide. When they receive it they examine the phone and either cover it under warranty and release their hold on your funds or the don’t. If you chose that process you will not be without a phone.

The other service has you sending them your phone. They inspect it and either send you a replacement free of charge or they tell you how much it will cost for a replacement depending on what their inspection determines.

I have the same problem with My 2nd gen Moto x


I posted earlier in this thread the repair shop with 2200 locations. Find a CPR Cell Phone Repair Near You Pop your zip code in the locator and see if theres a shop close to you. With the X2 being so old the warranty wont apply. Did you try a new cable because they do ware out.

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