Is G020I the only Pixel 4 that's compatible with RW?

Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my galaxy S7 to Pixel 4. Pixel 4’s are now on sale through other sellers for $499, I would like to buy from Republic but you don’t have the sale… (if RW price matches the please let me know!) so I would like to purchase through other sellers. However, they only have GA01187-US for sale, is that compatible with Republic Wireless? What are the differences between the Pixel 4 models anyway?

Thank you!

Hi @the251718 and welcome to the Community! Republic does not price match but does welcome compatible phones sourced elsewhere.

That’s more than fine and the short answer is yes GA01187-US would be Republic compatible. Generally, any U.S. unlocked Pixel is Republic compatible. Regardless of where you choose to make the purchase, rather than focus on the model number just be certain you’re getting an unlocked Pixel. A note for others reading, it being less necessary to pay strict attention to Pixel model numbers is not a trait shared by other Republic compatible brands. That said, I’m currently using an unlocked Pixel 4 XL sourced from B&H Photo on Republic.

If you mean, G020I vs. GA01187-US, it’s two different ways of identifying the same phone. In particular, Best Buy likes to use the latter though other retailers may as well.

When sourcing compatible phones, you may or may not need a new Republic SIM. To determine that, we need to know more about the SIM in your Samsung Galaxy S7. Specifically, we need to know if it’s GSM or CDMA. Here’s how to tell:

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Wow thank you for the detailed answer! Good to hear that GA01187-US will be compatible. Yes, I’m planning to buy it from Best Buy. Also checked my current phone, it is GSM. Does that mean I will need new SIM in order to use my new Pixel 4?

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No, GSM is the SIM type that moves from one phone to the next.

Once past initial setup on the new phone (follow on screen prompts for that), move the SIM. Next, be certain Republic’s mobile app is installed and/or updated on the Pixel. Finally, opening Republic’s app will present a brief activation sequence moving service (number and plan) from old to new phone.

Perfect! Thank you!

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