Is Gmail only option?

I am trying to set up my email with my new moto phone but, it seems to default to google and a gmail email that I never use. Do you have to sign up with a gmail? I have a Frontier account and would like to use that only. Help?

All Android phones are closely linked to Google and yes, a Google account is necessary to access the Play Store in order to get updates to the apps that come with the phone and to add apps to personalize the phone. While it is possible to get by without a Google account that would be a severe handicap.

The Gmail app will handle multiple email accounts but it works better to set up the phone with a Gmail account and then go to the Play Store to find an app specific to a 3rd party mail service.

Yes you do need it for the play store and any native google apps. Treat it like a throw-away account. Use it enough to get you through the setup. Like billg said, application updates need to come from the play store and the play store is linked to a Gmail account. If you absolutely do not want to see Gmail pops in your notification bar after you set it up, do the following:

Apps > Settings > Applications > Application manager > Gmail > Disable.

This will disable Gmail and stop all notifications, but wont cancel our your google-to-phone account and usage ability.

Hi @jeanetted.tdmp18

I should add a few other things that work very well with Android phones when you have a Gmail account. Being able to work with one’s calendar, contacts and photos both on the phone and from a PC are invaluable in my opinion. When you have set up a Gmail account you will find those items at these locations:


I have a Frontier account and would like to use that only

You do not need to use Gmail as your email app. If Frontier has an email app available through the Play store you should be able to download and use it. Once set up you can remove Gmail from your home screen but still have access if needed via apps. If n Ffrontier app and they have web mail you could access via your chosen web browser app.

When I came to Republic four years ago, i want to use M/S Outlook. Now it would be easy as there is and Android app, but there wasn’t them. I’m lucky there wasn’t, as I now use Google Mail and Contacts. They are just more closely integrated and will give you many more features that you would have using Frontier.

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