Is international calling and/or international roaming part of an improved Republic's future?

I wonder if we’ll get international calling / roaming. Boost has prepaid international, and Ting has postpaid international.

When I last looked at Ting’s international calling rates, they were highly uncompetitive but maybe that’s changed?

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I think they’re pretty competitive for cellular rates. Most US to international calls are $0.05/minute. International roaming is always pricey, unless you’re on Google Fi or some specialized international roaming carrier. Anyway, I wonder if it’s coming to Republic Wireless. It would be a nice option.

So since this was moved, I take it international roaming will not be part of an improved Republic Wireless?

I don’t know that. I think we should also allow for the possibility that the first iteration of an improved Republic Wireless won’t necessarily be the last. Strictly my opinion, but if a business isn’t evolving, it’s dying.

I agree, options are good.

I’m confused; are you intending to discuss international calling (calls from the U.S. to international numbers) or international roaming (cellular service when outside the U.S.)?

Yes, both. I think Republic is the only cellular provider I’ve used for any great length of time that doesn’t offer both.

I believe I suggested to them that they might at least have a prepaid US to international calling plan back in early 2012.

Thank you for the clarification. To be clear myself, while I certainly don’t object to Republic providing the option of international roaming, cellular service when outside the U.S. is part of my interest in eSIM. Generally, I’ve found it more cost effective to use local (in country) cellular service outside the U.S. Dual SIM via eSIM would allow for that without the need to swap SIMs if wanting to call back home via domestic service over WiFi.

On international calling rates, perhaps, I’m too spoiled by the rates offered by Google Voice and other VoIP providers to see $0.05/minute as competitive. Again, I have no objections to Republic providing the option.

I very much like that idea and given Republic was at the time owned and operated by Bandwidth, I would have thought it more than possible.

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