Is internet required?

Do I have to have internet to make calls with republic wireless?

Yes and no.

If you want to make calls over wifi, u need a unrestricted wifi network with an Internet connection for this to happen.

If you don’t have access to wifi, the My Choice $15 Base Plan includes unlimited talk/text over cell network.
So yes, u can make cell calls if u have no wifi (Internet connection)

U do need a usable cell network data contention or wifi connection to send and receive texts, but that is included in the base plan.

You need WiFi to use apps that need an Internet connection to work. Like Youtube, Maps, etc.
Unless u pay for LTE Mobile data at $5 per 1GB.

R.W service is specialized in Bonded/Hybrid Wifi calling. For folks who are always around wifi. You get the best quality and experience this way. U can read more about it here:

If you are looking to use a phone on Republic, see this:



some access to WiFi with an internet connection is need to activate a phone but this does not need to be at your home it could be from a library or a restaurant that provide this to their customers

in short it’s not need but access to some WiFi connection is recommended


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