Is it normal to not receive incoming calls with low bars on cell service?


My daughter and I both have Samsung Galaxy S7 phones.

Hers is through Sprint … mine is unlocked through Republic Wireless.

We were in a restaurant today (one of a few in our area that isn’t closed because of Harvey). To test my phone, she tried (several times) to call me while sitting across the table from me.

We both had 1 bar of service. Her call list shows 3 outgoing calls to me, but my phone never rang and I don’t have any of those potential incoming calls in my call list. (Remember I’m using cell service at this point … not wifi.)

While I was not able to receive her call(s), I was able to call her, and she was able to answer the call. Is this discrepancy because she is using CDMA and I’m using GSM (assuming that is what RW set me up for)?

After we left the building, and we both had full bars for cell service, I was able to receive a call from her phone.

Is this lack of receiving a call when having low bars, for cell service, normal? If not, is there something I can do? I had forwarded my house phone to the cell phone (and tested to make sure it worked) because I was expecting a call. I do not know yet if the expected caller tried to call me and didn’t get through.


I’ve experienced this when roaming. Do you remember if you had a triangle over your bar display? If these calls were not in your call log the problem is most likely on her end, not yours.

Her Phone —>Sprint —> [problem] RW —>Your GSM or CDMA Carrier.


No, it is not normal.

If the issue is because of the storm then nothing but time will help.

Were you able to get calls to the home number? Were you able to make a call? Did anything else work?


Yes, I was able to get calls (at least one) to the home number, that forwarded to my cell. We tested it before we left the house by having my daughter call my home number. She was using her cell service, not my home wifi. My cell phone (at that point) was connected to my home wifi.

I did not test having her call my home number (which should transfer to my cell phone) , while we were away from the house, totally on cell service, while we were in the restaurant, with low bars.

Yes, I was able to make calls (I called my daughter while we were in the restaurant and she received my phone call).

Text and internet worked fine. (Edit: They worked fine, from another location where I had low bars. I don’t know if they worked at the restaurant location. I can’t remember if I used those features at the restaurant.)


No … I don’t recall if there was a triangle over the bar display.

I have to go out again tomorrow and will be in a medical building where I will most likely have low bars again.

I will test again then.


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