Is it possible to activate Pixel 5a 5G on MyChoice 4.0 plan?

Hello everybody, and happy new year!

Please help me with this. I bought a new unlocked Pixel 5a 5G (model G1F8F) directly from Google. It is listed as a compatible BYOP device on RW site. I pulled the SIM card from my current Pixel 3a, inserted into the new Pixel 5a, and RW app says the phone is not supported.

Called customer support, explained the problem. They said yes, it’s a bug. The phone is supported, but we need to manually transfer you to the new Pixel 5a. So I created a ticket about a week ago. Since then, about a half a dozen RW representatives gave me all kinds of different answers. From “no, it cannot be done”, to “yes, just follow these steps”, to “what’s the error message you’re getting?” The KB articles on the site are also confusing and contradicting each other.

So I’m totally lost, and apparently RW is too. They are clueless. That’s why I’m asking the community: is it possible to activate Pixel 5a 5G on my current MyChoice 4.0 plan? If yes, how?

Thank you!

Based on this article, the Pixel 5a is not compatible with my choice. You would need to get a 5.0 plan in order to use the Pixel 5a with Republic Wireless.

Edit: By the way, according to this article, the Pixel 5a (Device mode: G1F8F TAC Range: 35429295; 35250682) is not only compatible with the 5.0 plans, but it can do wifi calling on the 5.0 plans as well.

Google’s Pixel 5a is not officially supported for use with My Choice plans. It is supported on Republic’s new 5.0 plans.

You should have asked here first! :grin: Are you, at all, interested in Republic’s 5.0 plans? Or, are you interested in an unofficial workaround to use the Pixel 5a on My Choice?

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Thank you for responding. In theory, I would be open to moving to a 5.0 plan. But practically speaking, no, not right now. The process seems to be too complicated and cumbersome, and I don’t want to be a guinea pig. I’ll wait until RW streamlines the process and irons out all the kinks. In the meantime, I would prefer to stay on my current plan. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right?

So I’m looking for the simplest solution. There’s nothing simpler than moving a SIM card from one phone to another. This is what I tried first. If that’s not possible, then what’s the next simplest thing? Will you please point me to the “unofficial workaround”?

Thank you, much appreciated!

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The unofficial workaround involves moving a current SIM but one must have the right SIM:

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Thank you, will give it a try!


It works!!!

rolandh, you’re a genius! Thank you!


He’s a very help guy!

I am going to try the same by moving my active RSM SIM card from my Moto G5 Plus to a new Pixel 5A phone. What did you do differently from the first attempt where it said not compatible and the last attempt that worked. It sounds like you did the same thing. What was different and is the pixel 5a still working on your 4.0 plan.

I’m hoping that republic just needs to update their 4.0 compatibility list.

there will be no updates to the 4.0 phone compatible list, the Pixel 5A and 6 somewhat work though this work around but they are not officially supported (which means if you have issues with service the support will not deal with it unless you put the SIM back in a supported 4.0 phone)

for all purposes 4.0 is locked and in legacy mode, there no new activations of SIMs, there not going to put resources into add phones to the compatible list for a legacy service

It sounds like maybe his first attempt was with an inactive sim and his second attempt was using an active republic sim. Was that the difference?

You said the pixel 5a and pixel 6 “somewhat work” but are not officially supported. Are there any yet known problems with these phones on the 4.0 plans?

I am only looking for a short term solution until the 5.0 transition smooths out and then move to a 5.0 plan.

Do you believe I would be able to simply move the sim card back to my Moto phone if my Pixel had problems on the 4.0 plan? I would like to upgrade my Moto G7 Plus to the Pixel 5A phone ASAP due to short battery life on my moto.

My overall plan is to replace both mine and my wife’s Moto G7 Plus phones with the Pixels, but would like a period of trying out the Pixel before committing to buying 2 of them.

I tried it with a Pixel 6 it worked for a bit then went to no service :thinking:

I guess that was a question for me. The first time, I just transferred the SIM card. The second time, I performed the “VOIP reset”, and that’s what made the difference. Just follow the “unofficial workaround” posted above by rolandh

One can get a Pixel 5a or 6 working with an active Republic 4.0 GSM SIM (inactive SIMs won’t work) as described here:

Lack of official support means if the workaround, which has worked for others, doesn’t work for you, Republic would be unable to “fix” it for you. The potential downside to the method is the necessity to repeat the workaround steps.

That’s precisely what the workaround is intended to be.

If the SIM in question is an active Republic 4.0 GSM SIM, yes. Inactive SIMs and CDMA SIMs cannot be moved among phones.

I’m curious about the reference to the Moto G7 Plus as that’s not a phone Republic supports officially either. Republic does support the Moto G7, G7 Play and Moto G7 Power.

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I think it’s a typo. In his earlier message, he mentions Moto G5 Plus.

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Sorry for the unintended references to G5 and G7. Both of our phones are Moto G7 Plus. We have been using these on a republic 4.0 plan for several years without problems. They were bought via Amazon and have RSM nano SIM cards.

That’s fascinating because Republic no more officially supports the Moto G7 Plus than it does the Pixel 5a or Pixel 6. If working as designed, the Republic app should have refused to activate the Moto G7 Plus just as it refuses to activate the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 without the previously referenced workaround.

I have no desire to argue the point but are you certain it’s the Moto G7 Plus and not the Moto, G7, G7 Play or G7 Power?

I’m sorry. I looked back through my Amazon orders and the boxes my phones came in, and I originally had two Moto G5 Plus phones and replaced them with Moto G7 phones later. I was mistaken when I referred to them as Moto G7 Plus phones. I have mistakenly thought they were Moto G7 Plus phones since bought them.

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Just activated new Pixel 5a using the workaround on my 4.0 plan. Everything seems to be working well except direct dial widgets do not pick up photo from my contacts. It just shows an android robot with the name of the contact. Doesn’t even show the little phone in the icon. Same with the direct message widget. I know the Pixel 5a isn’t supported by Republic, but do any members of the discussion have any idea why this is happening?