Is it possible to add more hotspot data to 5.0 plans?

Looking at the 5.0 plans, I’m pretty interested in the “Everything you Want” plan. A little pricier than the plans currently on my account (2 phones, My Choice annual plans with just 3 GB of data between them), but unlimited data means no more deciding whether to buy an extra GB or just try to use less data at the end of a heavier usage month. Seems like a good deal to me.

I rarely use more than a few hundred MB of hotspot data, but on the My Choice plans I’m generally at least sure that if I need to use a lot of tethered/hotspot data in a given month (e.g. for work) then I can use however much I’m willing to pay for. On the new plans, what happens when a member hits the cap of allowed hotspot data in a given month? Is it possible to buy more, or is it just cut off until the end of the billing period with no recourse?

Hi @rationull,

Once the cap (which is 10 GB) is reached, you may buy more high speed cell data that can be used for hotspot at $5/GB.

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Thanks @rolandh, I hadn’t seen that page, and it has a lot of answers on it!


I just want to be sure you’re also aware that on 5.0, when you buy another GB, that extra GB expires 30 days later, not on your billing date.

So that decision to buy another GB when there’s only 2 days left on your month gets a little easier.


Thanks @southpaw, I’d seen that in the announcements as well and that also seems like a solid improvement over the My Choice plans! I’d initially ruled out the “Only What You Need” plan for my use case given the plans page implies that hotspot it not allowed on this plan, but @rolandh’s link confirms that hotspot is enabled on this plan, and just pulls from however much data you’ve purchased (i.e. the same way as hotspot works on the My Choice plans). This puts the lower end plan back in the running for me (need to work out the numbers) although the Everything You Want plan is still very tempting just to get away from having to think about data purchases!

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Hi @rationull,

That plans page you’ve referenced is a very brief overview. To make sure you have all the details, please see our Help Article at