Is it possible to get the Moto E4 LED notification light to work?



I would light the LED light up in the right hand corner to blink when I have missed calls, messages, etc. Is there a way to get it to work on the Moto E4?


Moto display and notification cannot work mutually at the same time.

After disabling the Moto display, missed calls and messages are notified by red and green light respectively.

according to the above disable the moto display and the light will work


I tried disabling Moto Display and it did not work.


oh poo
only the plus has the light
the e4 (non plus) does not



Okay. I don’t mind it, but my husband hates it and I was trying to find out how we could get it to work.


more info if you want it

there is an app that will flash, not the led.

could try and see if it works for you


Okay, thanks. Will check it out!


Well, I tried it and I could not get it to work. Sad face.


there are other ones, like

and just to make sure I check to make sure that the E4 does have a front flash
were not talking about the led but the flash for the camera


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