Is it possible to sell a Moto X gen1? Excellent condition. Should have 1 or available in the next 3 weeks





That’s great they still fetch a decent price yet. The best way of selling is ebay or Swappa. Sales aren’t allowed here in the community but asking questions is a’ok. Just remember to take any kind of screen lock off the phone or nobody can use the phone till you unlock it.

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

Selling a phone on Swappa

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I sold two on eBay about a month ago. Here are some important tips:

  1. Do not remove the SIM card. It must stay with the phone.

  2. Before you factory reset remove any screen locks. If you don’t do this the buyer will not be able to activate the phone without your Gmail credentials.

  3. In your advertisement be sure to mention that the phone qualifies for the outstanding Republic Refund plan and for service with unlimited talk and text for a mere $10.00/month plus tax using Sprint and their roaming partners including Verizon.

  4. Mention that there is NO ACTIVATION FEE with Republic Wireless.