Is it possible to switch phones from Moto G to (a used)Moto X?

we have a Moto X my daughter is no longer using (about 4 years old) and my son has now a 2 year old Moto G, and would like to switch to the Moto X, is this possible and how can it be done?

Thank you


Hi @alexandraw.u6jjsk!

Yes, this can easily be done as long as the Moto X is a Republic version. All you have to do is open the Republic app, sign in, and follow the prompts until you come to screen that gives you the option to move (XXX) XXX-XXXX [the phone number of the Moto G] to this phone. Once completed, the phone number will be moved to the Moto X and the Moto G will be deactivated. You can read more about activating a phone here: Activate My Phone . Hope that helps!


Your son can definitely switch to the Moto X (assuming that the Moto X is also a custom RW version of the phone).

You will essentially reactivate the Moto X as a replacement/upgrade to the existing Moto G. See here for detailed
instructions of the reactivation process.

Reactivating My Republic Phone

Also, if you prefer to start with a clean slate with your Moto X, you might want to Factory Reset it before proceeding with the Reactivation process. See here for instruction to Factory Reset the Moto X.
Factory Reset

At the end of the activation process, your Moto G will be deactivated
and you can choose to hold on to it for future use or sell it on 3rd party websites
such as Ebay or Swappa.

Awesome, thank you so much @mb2x @amitl, yes my son’s phone is a RW moto G phone, so we will give it a try


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