Is it possible to unlock Republic's Extend Home adapter?

Sorry to go a bit off topic, but is there any way that the Extend Home device can be unlocked? Or will it continue to work indefinitely on My Choice 4.0?

Hi @grayhairedgrandpa,

You are correct that your question is a wee bit off topic for the thread it was originally posted in. Therefore, I’ve split the question off to its own topic.

There would be no easy way to unlock an Extend Home adapter without Republic’s cooperation.

Republic has stated its Extend Home adapter will not be supported indefinitely, however, has said advance notice will be provided before support for Extend Home is withdrawn.

I’m hopeful once a future date for withdrawal of Extend Home support is provided, Republic will consider unlocking the adapters, so they might be used with alternative Voice over Internet Protocol service providers. Sadly, there isn’t another mobile phone service provider offering anything like Extend Home.

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It sure would have been nice if Extend Home had at least been tied to one’s account instead of a particular phone in that account. My phone is now in a 5.0 account. My SO’s phone is still in our 4.0 account but we can’t tie the EH to her phone.

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Have you tried to factory reset the Extend Home (which will disassociate it) and then associate to her remaining 4.0 phone, as if it was a new association?

The ability to associate an Extend Home adapter with a My Choice number has been removed from the online account portal.

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I just received this from RW Help:

“Unfortunately with the introduction of our new plans we are no longer supporting the Extend Home. Most of the troubleshooting previously provided (disassociating and re-associating) will permanently disable the device as we are not able to activate them.”

So much for their advance notice!

Was your question to support prompted by a need to disassociate your Extend Home adapter then re-associate it? If so, I have a potential workaround for you.

I was having the occasional dropped call mid-conversation.

Was or is? If your Extend Home is functioning as expected, at this time, I would leave well enough alone.