Is it safe to move to a 5.0 plan?

Hi, Just a follow-up on a prior question. I’m looking to move to a 5.0 plan.
My situation is as follows:
I have a Moto G Stylus 5g 6+256GB Cosmic Emerald and
my wife has a Moto G Fast. Is it now safe to move both phones to 5.0 plan?
Thank you!


If you’re planning to move your existing number to a 5.0 plan, I would advise you to check Republic Wireless’ current status update before transferring.

I believe the process is going to be easier over time, but I would recommend trying to swich an existing Republic Wireless number to a 5.0 if you have the mindset of an early adopter and are okay with some potential challenges with activations. Otherwise, I would wait until things get a little more smoothed out. You also might want to check out people’s transitions to 5.0 plans on this forum to get somewhat of a sense of how activations are going. It’s important to note that this forum is sometimes used for problem solving, so you may not hear as many initial success stories here.


Hi @davidl.77v2kw,

If you don’t have an urgent need to move to the new plans, like needing to replace a phone, please wait a little longer. If for no other reason than just that our Help Team is seeing a high volume of questions right now, and if you wait until things are going a little more smoothly, you’ll get faster answers to any questions you may have.

But also because the road is still a little bumpy right now.


When will existing users be able to change to the 5.0 plan in the Account Portal?

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Hi @ginapc,

Welcome to our Member Community.

The switch to 5.0 will not be as simple as simply changing in the Account portal, as it will require purchasing the new plan and changing SIM cards. We are, however, trying to make it easier in that members with 1 or 2 service lines on the account will not need to create new accounts, they’ll be able to upgrade and keep their existing account.

When that work is ready, we will certainly be letting everyone know. I’m hesitant to suggest a target date, because those dates often shift, and right now our engineers are being kept busy trying to resolve some unforeseen issues.

Do you have an urgent need to upgrade now?


At this point the official advice for those of us who want to migrate phone(s) from old plans to a new 5.0 plan is: Wait… and I am fine with that, but here is a slightly different “Is it safe” question:

Is it “safe”, right now without waiting, to buy a new phone directly from the RW online store, and then NOT activate it ?

Of course I will eventually activate it, but the reason I ask is there seem to be fairly good prices for some phones, right now…

Edit: …and if the answer to the above question is “Yes”, then do I purchase it using an existing (old) account (with several phones associated with it), or do I create a new account (with a different email) ?

New phones bought from RW store are locked to RW until activated on a 5.0 plan. Once activated, you can request the phone to be unlocked by contacting support.

Also, the phone as-is wont come with a SIM card.

To get a new SIM card, you need to buy a 5.0 plan…and prepay the first month. The effective start date of your new plan is the date of activation of the sim. I don’t see any mention of an expiry date on the new SIM…but you may want to double check that in case
you are planning to wait a significant duration before activating the SIM.

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If you are going to wait till the new process to transition to the new plans is in the place…then purchasing from existing old account should be fine.

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SIM cards must be activated within 45 days of purchase.


I am wanting to upgrade to 5.0 as an existing user on My Choice. I also want to be able to do it from my current account due to the specific discounts already in place. (ie on My Choice with 1 Gig, after discounts I pay exactly 1 dollar a month). The reason why I need to upgrade is because I had to trade in my S21 Ultra that was compatible with BYOP on My Choice for my current Pixel 6 Pro.

While roland’s workaround through the dialpad works–it only works temporarily and will require a new reset every few hours to at most a day (this results in a couple missed calls and texts that only come in after I’ve performed the workaround again)

TLDR: I guess I am just trying to point out that I have an urgent need to upgrade and is there any way to do it from my current account.

@williams.sj6s67 you might want to wait on that purchase because in one of the other forum posts there was mention of upcoming “promotions”, which understandably would be pending the passing of the current activation storm.

can you please link the doc that captures this number… I would have expected to see it in the the activation instructions…but don’t see it there

The photo in this help doc claims a 2+ year activation window


Let’s say that you purchase an “Only What You Need” plan for one line, but it arrives with 3 SIM cards for some reason.

You would have 45 days from the date of purchase to activate the plan, and you could use any one of those three SIM cards to do that and then stick the other two in a drawer.

If you bought a plan for another line a year later, you could still go back and use one of the unexpired SIM cards that were sent to you a year before to activate the new line.

So, the kits have a longer expiration date, but effectively, the message to members who order a plan and receive a SIM card kit needs to be “You have 45 days from the date of purchase to activate this SIM card with the plan you ordered.”

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So I’m kinda in the same situation as detailed in this thread, except I have actually gone through with it.

I’ve needed to get new phones for some time now, for myself and other family members (batteries dying, severely cracked displays, other issues). I had been waiting for months until black Friday and/or the holidays to purchase new phones as that’s when the best deals roll out. Unfortunately, that’s when Republic decided to roll out their changes, which put us all in limbo. Even though it’s been terribly inconvenient my family and I have been waiting patiently for things to get smoothed over.

However, in December, just days before Christmas, I finally pulled the trigger on buying us some new phones through the RW store. The plan was to still wait to activate the phones until Republic got things figured out and we could rollover to the 5.0 plans without the headache, but at least people would still have their Christmas presents.

Now I’m finding out I have 45 days to activate the phones from the date of purchase? I never recall being informed of this before. The thing is when purchasing the phones I selected the option that I would be using them with our current plan, so I didn’t activate or purchase under the 5.0 plan. Yet they sent me the sim cards, so do I still have to activate them within the 45 day window or what? And we still have no clue when the account migration will take place to make the transition to 5.0 smooth? Also our one year billing cycle was processed at the end of December, so I want to make sure that gets handled properly during the transition, thus another reason for us waiting patiently.

I really don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. We’ve been with Republic for years and have had nothing but good experiences (the current situation notwithstanding), and will continue with you for the foreseeable future. But it sure would be nice to have something a little more solid to go on than “just wait” (which we’ve been hearing since November 1). Some of us desperately need the new phones, but don’t want to go through the headache of being an alpha tester “early adopter” of Republic’s new 5.0 system.

We’re willing to continue waiting… but if we truly have only 45 days from purchase to activate the new phones then the clock is already ticking on our options moving forward.

This is actually referring to the SIM cards if you had purchased 5.0 plans. If you are certain that you did not purchase any plans at the time that you purchased the phones, then you are fine.

The SIM cards themselves don’t expire for a couple of years (they are automatically sent with the phones). When it does come time for you to purchase your plans, you can use the SIM cards you have in hand to activate the phones instead of waiting for the new SIM cards (that will be sent when you order the plans) to arrive.


Any chance you’re going to allow more than just 2 people on an account? Honestly, I have zero desire to create two accounts just so I can have 3 family members on RW. I’d much rather be able to access just one account, obviously! Thanks :slight_smile:


While I too would like to see southpaw become the president and CEO of Dish Wireless, I don’t believe she currently has the power to change the two-line per account policy. There are certainly a lot of potential customers who have expressed the desire to see the two-line per account policy changed,

FWIW, the SVP and Head of Republic Wireless is aware of the feedback on the two-line policy:


What happens on the 46th day? Would the 5.0 plan be cancelled and refunded? I purchased two plans, only one of which has been activated. The other is stuck in the 4.0 to 5.0 SNAFU. The way things are going it could expire before things are fixed.

The other possibility is that I could get tired of waiting and move to another carrier.

Republic would find a way to make things right including refunding the plan purchase if that’s what it takes. Republic isn’t going to make anyone pay for service they can’t use.

Given the circumstances, that would not be an unreasonable choice.

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