Is it simple to transfer service to new phone?

Also, does the purchase of a Moto G from Republic Wireless come with the sim card?

Thanks, Kevin Heck

Hi @kevinh.iy2ht4 ,

When she activates the new phone, she will sign in with her current account info and it will give her the option to activate the phone so that it takes the number that’s currently on the Moto E. Instructions are here: Activate My Phone

When you buy the phone from Republic Wireless, the SIM card is included. Please do note that her monthly price will change if she upgrades, because the Moto E’s service is based on a grandfathered plan we do not offer on the new phones. The new plans are here: Our Most Affordable Plans at $15/month, with Unlimited Talk & Text | Republic Wireless

When is her birthday? If you decide to follow through with this plan, we’d love to include a Republic Wireless T-shirt to go with the birthday present…

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