Is it Time to Move On?

Considering RW has made a lot of changes to their plans & now is having technical issues, perhaps now is a good time to make a switch to another carrier.

We’ve been with RW for 9 years and the service has gotten much worse. Since the Sprint merger with T-Mobil we have horrible coverage in our area. There are many dead zones outside of our area as well. Also, since the phone plans have changed, there are better carrier options.

Thinking RW will be losing many customers. Very disappointed, since we’ve been with RW for a long time & now it has taken a turn for the worse.


When you say service… I hope you mean coverage. RW service has been outstanding from day one and continues to be great even as it is going through a substantial transformation.

As for coverage …RW started out providing coverage exclusively on Sprint and then with the evolution to 3.0 plans the option to have T-mobile or Sprint through two different SIM cards.
The sunset of Sprint coverage is something totally outside of RW’s control.

At the end of the day…you need good coverage…if AT&T coverage is a good fit for you…then it would be worth your while to try out the 5.0 plan

As a fellow 9+ year member… in my case… Sprint was good enough…and T-mobile was actually better coverage…so the transition to T-mobile improved things for me. I am uncertain about the 5.0 plan and AT&T coverage… but willing to try it out before I consider alternatives.


I have to disagree. Rolling out a system that was clearly not ready for the level of interest that was apparent on this forum is not good customer service. Doing it during the holidays when people might think of this as a great last-minute gift is not good customer service. Leaving former RW customers trying to come back without cell service for 4+ days and no indication that the problem is even close to being identified is bad customer service.

To be clear, I do not think this is the fault of those having to mop up this [organically-processed fertilizer]. This probably originated well above them with the new ownership. Still, it cannot be called good customer service.


In a sense both statements are true. Historically, Republic has offered what I consider to be superior customer service and I say that as someone who’s sampled several of Republic’s competitors.

That said, there’s simply no way to defend the way the transition to 5.0 has unfolded to date. I’m not going to attempt defending the indefensible.

Hopefully, once the current fires are extinguished, Republic will return to the level of service quality it has rightly been known for historically.


My wife’s phone has had some major issues. I bought her a new phone for Christmas. With Republic making the change to 5.0 I had to wait to order new SIM cards. When the window opened I ordered the new cards, changed account information, etc. The cards arrived and I attempted to move my phone first to make sure it worked. As you can guess it didn’t work. I spent 2 days working with Republic to get it to work with no success. With the unknow “fix” date I will be moving my wife’s phone to another service ( not mentioning who, to respect Republic) . It is a service that I am not locked into, so in the future I can bring her phone back, if Republic gets it’s act together, but if her provider works well I may move to them. I know the “founding fathers” of Republic had a vision and it went well until they got an offer they couldn’t refuse ( dish buyout ).
The change may be good for the users that stay with Republic. I’m an older person and I don’t need all the bells and whistles that the younger crowd wants. I know the future is the younger generation, but they eventually get old and progress needs to cater to both sides.


Hi @davidk.k5v3k0,

Given the circumstances, I find your proposed course of action eminently reasonable. For what it’s worth, if you take a look at Republic’s main website, I see no evidence Republic is targeting a younger generation. In fact, quite the opposite.


I do see a little more that I said, hence the reason I have kept my phone with Republic. I have always liked them in the past and still would like to stay with them. The timing just kicked us both in the■■■■■ I have to get a reliable phone for my wife so I had to do something.


I do hope your situation gets resolved soon.

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So we have a new phone (Google Pixel 5a) and we still cannot activate it. I’m troubled RW has been working in the issue for several days and has not resolved the problem. Very surprised RW decided to do an upgrade to the website & services during the holiday season. Just does not make sense to me. Perhaps they did not do enough Quality Assurance before the roll out.

Does anyone know if there is a work-around to activate a new phone for a My Choice plan? Considering moving to Mint Mobile.

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The only way to activate a phone with the My Choice plan now is to move an already activated GSM SIM card from another phone.

No new activations are possible at this point.

If you’re referring to activating the Pixel 5a on the My Choice plan as a replacement for a phone on a current Republic line, you could try the workaround here for unsupported phones: Activate phone not on list.

Thank you soooo much andreas.
The solution you provided worked for my Pixel 5a.


Glad you’ll be sticking around! :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve been waiting since 12/20 for the “engineers” to fix my account and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I’m still unable to add data. They’ve been kind enough to add a gig when I contact them to tell them I’m running low but no one can seem to undo the plan change that’s “pending” and blocking me from doing anything on my phone regarding adding data or reviewing my plan. It’s insane. I’ve been waffling on moving to T-Mobile but this seems to be the turning point for me. I’ve loved RW but I can’t hang here in the unknown wondering if they’ll ever be able to fix my account.


My transition to T Mobile was painless, and I’m very happy with the service. Unlimited for just a few more bucks than what I was paying for 1 gig was a great choice .

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Hi @jenniferl.vsq5t0,

Our engineers can fix the issue on your line, and I sent the ticket back to them earlier tonight. They misunderstood - having seen data added to your service line, they thought it was fixed. I had to show them that we had added the data, and you still couldn’t do it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get back to your ticket before a member of our Help Team replied to you based on the engineer’s indication that the problem was fixed.

It will get fixed, and I will be glad to keep providing you with data until it is.

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Hi @jenniferl.vsq5t0,

Engineering did revisit your issue last night and reports they were able to clear the pending transaction. Are you now able to manage your account and data purchases?

Yes! Thank you so incredibly much! I really appreciate your help and your follow up.