Is it time to switch?

I’ve been an RW member for a long time and I’ve been generally pleased with the service. And I’ve always been extremely happy with your customer service and the people who help out in this space.

However in the past couple of months there have been a few issues that have made me wonder if I need to consider switching. These have included:

  1. Several clients have said they’ve had trouble reaching me on the phone (calls to my phone are never picked up and I don’t receive anything);

  2. I’ve had trouble placing outbound calls – I’ll dial, but nothing happens;

  3. The ongoing issue with two-factor authentication where some service providers don’t recognize RW numbers as “real” cellphones.

Numbers 1 and 2 have been sporadic. Not consistent enough for me to start a ticket with RW. But they are concerning as this is my business phone.

#3 hasn’t been a big issue yet (So far only Twitter has rejected me and like I care about that), but I do worry that one of these days my bank is going to have an issue.

So… I’d really like to stay. Maybe these are issues that are being worked on? Or maybe it’s time to move on. If I do leave, it would be with some regret. For what it’s worth, I’m looking at Consumer Cellular – they are a little more expensive and they don’t have this great group of people.

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I too have been an RW member for a long time and am holding out switching because of changes that should be coming along, resulting from the company’s acquisition by Dish Wireless. Dish purchased Boost mobile (almost 9 million customers), Ting, Republic and maybe another small MVNO. Dish announced that it’s primary carrier would eventually be AT&T, possibly keeping T-Mobile as a secondary carrier. I’m guessing (and it’s only a guess) that Dish may move all its wireless customers onto a single technical and billing platform to reduce cost. Whether they keep separate branding is another issue. I suspect that the new technical platform would handle Wi-Fi and cellular calls differently than the way RW is currently doing it. This would very likely address all of the issues you’ve outlined. And I’m hoping that the new platform will provide better coverage at a lower cost than the current packages, and would probably add the capability of using iPhone devices.


Previously, I had two phones tied to Republic- but I wanted to upgrade to the new Pixel 5a, and based on their statements, Republic was not going to be adding this new phone very quickly if at all. The battery on my previous phone was dying, and rather than moving to one of the Motorola phones, I decided to switch carriers. I am now on Mint, and once the additional offer has lapsed I will be spending roughly $28 a month for 4 GB of data, AND I have Wi-Fi calling / messaging. The data is very often 5g, and although it is not the fastest 5g, it is plenty good enough. My other phone continues on Republic, and I see no need to switch it. I did use one of the Motorola phones, it is relatively new, and as long as it continues to work well, I will stay with Republic because of their very inexpensive no data plan which I do not need for that phone. So for now, I will be a two carrier user, and I find both companies to be of good quality. PS - I love, LOVE the Pixel 5a!


I switched my wife’s and daughter’s phone to tellio. $19/mo for the pair (low data). My phone went to visible. Unlimited data on Verizon network. $25/mo. I use data and was paying for at least 2GB extra.

I’m happy, wife and daughter are happy. I went from about $72/mo to $44/mo for three phones.

How did you get $25/m on visible? I can’t get lower than $40 for a single subscription. Did you join a party?

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Were you one of the folks who had their account hijacked and had thousands of dollars of phones shipped from their Visible accounts this week? I can’t believe it hasn’t been bigger news.

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As a customer for almost a decade, I recently switched my primary line directly to T-Mobile. Only $15 every month with an ASUS Zenfone 8 (Hate large phones but demand OLED, NFC, etc) for unlimited talk/text and 2gb data, with data increasing 500mb/year. Wi-fi calling/SMS work great, but don’t migrate between the two like Republic does. Other line is still sticking around on wi-fi only and will be into the foreseeable future. Without cell powered up it lasts a week on a charge! As always happens, my phone outlived the carrier/network as my original Moto X is still going strong with a battery that lasts two days, but no CDMA to run on makes it pointless… I’d consider coming back but Republic hasn’t supported a phone I’d consider for daily use in years now.

PS: Still have a fully functional Defy XT laying around that was active under my account too back in the day!

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