Is it time to upgrade? To what?!


I have been needing a new phone for months and keep dragging it out because I feel like I can’t sort through the reviews and feel happy about an option. There so much diversity in people loving or hating something RW offers. I currently have the Moto G3 and my texting has been glitchy for a long time now and doing any of the steps to fix it I’ve received on the forum hasn’t fixed it. The battery is so dead and I just limp along. I don’t use my phone for work but as a busy mom with lots of kids I need a phone that is quick so I’m not spending so much time on it when I need to deal with my kids, one that has a good camera for when I don’t have my digital out and can do decent low light and wiggly subjects, and can store more bc 16 gb barely holds the apps just to function the phone. I have been going between the samsung galaxy j7 and the moto g6 and was about to decided on the g6. is it worth it to limp along a bit longer for the g7? do you think there will be a huge price increase from the g6? and also, motorola has the g6 cheaper than RW offers right now. if i buy it through them, can i still use it for RW? thanks!

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Hi @meganp.jzp1dp,

Candidly, incremental upgrades say from the G6 to the G7 tend not to be nearly as impressive as the manufacturer’s would like one to believe. If you need a phone today, I say go for the G6. So far, all Motorola has to say about the G7’s availability is a rather undefined this spring.

Samsung’s Galaxy J7 is also worthy of consideration but is not, in my opinion, a better phone than the G6. Unless you’re wanting a change from Motorola, I think the G6 is a better value.

You may indeed source a compatible phone other than at Republic’s online store and a G6 purchased at Motorola would be compatible with Republic. One caveat on that is coverage will be different from that which is provisioned to your G3. To help us help you determine if that alternative coverage would be an issue, would you be willing to share a zip code (nothing more)?

  1. how would coverage be different? i feel like i already sacrifice good reception. on rw coverage maps, it shows we should have good coverage but family who use verizon say its been terrible to hear me ever since we switched to rw. the sound goes in and out and they say its just hard to understand me. my husband thinks this is worth the trade off for lower phone bills but it makes me crazy. so when its time to get a new phone and i read reviews about poor sound quality or glitchiness, i hesitate bc i’m already not in love with what we have.


Hi @meganp.jzp1dp,

Things have changed a bit with Republic since you bought your G3. Republic now has the ability to provision cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network. The other partner operates a CDMA network. Your G3 and all older Republic phones are provisioned with Republic’s CDMA network partner. New phones sourced elsewhere activate initially provisioned with GSM coverage. For most, GSM coverage is equivalent, for some (like me) it’s better, for others it’s not as good.

My read of the CDMA maps suggest much of your coverage is fair which might explain your experience. Alas, my read of the GSM maps suggest much of that coverage is fair as well. You may look at the maps for yourself here:



You’ll want to be certain to enter an address in the search box to drill down far enough to assess coverage quality.

In any event, if you decide to source the G6 elsewhere, you’ll definitely start with GSM, which might be worth experimenting with given your current experience with CDMA. You may always switch back to CDMA as described by Republic here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.

If you decide to proceed with sourcing the G6 from Motorola, you’ll need to acquire a new Republic SIM separately from Republic itself here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless. Or, from Amazon here:■■■■sr=8-3&keywords=republic+wireless+sim+card+kit.


this is super helpful thanks. so if i get the g6 from motorola i have to get a sim kit to make it work with republic. if i get the g6 from republic, it comes ready to work. which coverage does the g6 from republic come with? will it be cdma like my old phones?


Hi @meganp.jzp1dp,

Correct sourcing the phone elsewhere means acquiring a Republic SIM separately. A phone ordered from Republic itself would ship with a SIM. Candidly, there’s no way to know in advance whether a Republic sourced phone would ship with a GSM or a CDMA SIM. Republic makes the choice based on which of its partners is likely to offer better coverage in a given area.

If it were me in this case, I’d source the phone from Motorola and acquire the SIM separately. I say this because you mention your current coverage experience not being all it might be. Given that, trying GSM is worth a shot. If you find GSM coverage to be worse than your current coverage, just open a ticket and ask Republic to switch it to CDMA (same coverage as your G3), which they’ll happily do free of charge.


thank you so much for your help!