Is it your intent to hide the forums?

I’ve been coming here since Nov 2011. You’ve made huge changes in the website. The forums were always crap. Now you have new forums but hide them behind very odd navigational choices… are you trying to hide the forums and minimize the impact the community has here?

From what i can tell, to get here I now have to click on “HELP”, then “mouse over” HELP again, then click on a sub menu for “forums”. Who jumps through that many hoops? My recollection was you had a top level link to “COMMUNITY”. Just looking for some clarification on the direction this is going. Is this community now just a burden?

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I can’t say why things are the way they are, but what I did was bookmark this link on my toolbar:


Hi @samatman,

Thank you for your comments.

Our website was recently redesigned, and one of the goals was to streamline it a bit, as we found that over time, it had acquired too much visual clutter. Additional improvements will be made, and we will make sure your feedback about difficulty finding the Community is heard.


Thanks for the candid feedback @samatman.

Our intent over the long-term is certainly not to add effort finding answers on the web. Key to that charter is making our Community forums as easy to find/navigate as possible. As you’ve noticed, we’ve recently updated our corporate website ( and the navigation to our Support resources is a bit in flux. We’ll take your feedback, along with others that have expressed similar concerns, to improve going forward.

One item that you may be interested in is our recent move to Unified Search on our Help Center page. I’ve attached a screen capture to illustrate. If you start your search on the RW Help Center page (Republic Help) you’ll now be able to query both our Help Center KB and the forums simultaneously. This should make finding relevant forum content much easier.

Keep the feedback coming and thank you for your trust in Republic Wireless. We very much appreciate you being with us since 2011.


I agree, I actually could not find the link to the forums at all. After searching awhile I gave up and just started to manually type the forums in each time I visit. This won’t be obvious to new users or people who rarely visit.

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