Is MacroDroid Still a Thing?

Some time ago there was much gnashing of teeth about the WiFi on phones going to sleep after a period of time, and it couldn’t wake up fast enough if a call came in, so the call would go directly to voicemail. The RW forum recommended an app called MacroDroid running a script that woke the phone up every 50 minutes or so. This seemed to fix my and others’ problem.

However, today I was working with RW customer support agent Anthony about another problem, and he wrote this: “I’ll say that a third party utility like Macrodroid should not be needed to keep the phone’s WiFi connection active for receiving calls - the Android Doze feature it seems you’re trying to fight with Macrodroid shouldn’t be affecting calls on an otherwise okay phone setup…”

So, my question is: is MacroDroid still recommended for the old WiFi problem or does Android and/or the RW app keep things awake enough so calls aren’t missed these days?

Hi @Totoro

For my Moto G7, MacroDroid is indeed needed for exactly the reasons you state.
Unlike my original Pixel, the G7’s Doze seems to prevent the phone from waking to ring.
@southpaw has said (to me) that she too found the phone prone to not waking up, as have others on this forum.

I will agree with “Anthony” the support agent that

But unfortunately, it is. At least for some Moto models it seems.

Being one of the folks behind the Doze problem and how to work around it, I would welcome any feedback from users of the latest iteration that is documented here ==> Managing Doze Mode - (phone is on WiFi) calls via cell | calls go to voicemail | calls are missed
If anyone would provide comments to the above document in Tips & Tricks that would help me understand if the problem is better with or without it and/or if failures still occur provide feedback that would help me try to make it better. My goal is not to put something out as ‘the gospel according to Ben’ and forgetting it, but to make whatever works for me adaptable and available across the community.


An excellent resource @jben
If it wasn’t for your Tips and Tricks article I would have thrown my G7 out the window by now :yum:

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I love MacroDroid.
I use it to shake to turn on torch, send email if missed call, and to program and use NFC tags etc.

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